The "Look Ahead" Technique: A Novel Way to Engage Medical Students in the Radiology Reading Room.


RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES:Engaging medical students during a radiology course can be challenging. We sought a way to actively engage students with live cases, allow them to interact with the picture archiving and communication system workstation, and experience what it is like to be a radiologist. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Medical students enrolled in one of three radiology courses between May 2016 and June 2017 were eligible. The "Look Ahead" technique is as follows: a preceptor identifies several nonurgent imaging studies and allows the students to view the images first and make independent observations and conclusions. When ready, the students present their findings, receive feedback, and observe the preceptor generate a final report. Students completed the postcourse survey comparing the "Look Ahead" technique with the current standard (observing a preceptor interpret imaging studies with accompanying teaching points). RESULTS:Thirty-four (56.7%) of 60 potential respondents completed the postcourse survey. Of these 34, 24 (70.6%) reported at least one reading room case (mean 4.6) in which the technique was employed, with a mean of 2.4 unique preceptors. When compared to the current standard (0 = not to 100 = very interested/engaged/valuable/memorable), the "Look Ahead" technique was associated with increased student-reported interest (92.5 vs 75.1, p < 0.01), engagement (94.0 vs 70.3, p < 0.01), educational value (92.5 vs 73.2, p < 0.01), memorability of the case (88.5 vs 73.2, p < 0.01) and of accompanying teaching points (90.1 vs 76.7, p < 0.01). CONCLUSION:The "Look Ahead" technique is a meaningful and engaging teaching method, which students find "interesting," "valuable," and "memorable."


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Huang J,Bingham B,Jordanov M




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