Hypoxic-ischemic-related cerebrovascular changes and potential therapeutic strategies in the neonatal brain.


:Perinatal hypoxic-ischemic (HI)-related brain injury is an important cause of morbidity and long-standing disability in newborns. The only currently approved therapeutic strategy available to reduce brain injury in the newborn is hypothermia. Therapeutic hypothermia can only be used to treat HI encephalopathy in full-term infants and survivors remain at high risk for a wide spectrum of neurodevelopmental abnormalities as a result of residual brain injury. Therefore, there is an urgent need for adjunctive therapeutic strategies. Inflammation and neurovascular damage are important factors that contribute to the pathophysiology of HI-related brain injury and represent exciting potential targets for therapeutic intervention. In this review, we address the role of each component of the neurovascular unit (NVU) in the pathophysiology of HI-related injury in the neonatal brain. Disruption of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) observed in the early hours after an HI-related event is associated with a response at the basal lamina level, which comprises astrocytes, pericytes, and immune cells, all of which could affect BBB function to further exacerbate parenchymal injury. Future research is required to determine potential drugs that could prevent or attenuate neurovascular damage and/or augment repair. However, some studies have reported beneficial effects of hypothermia, erythropoietin, stem cell therapy, anti-cytokine therapy and metformin in ameliorating several different facets of damage to the NVU after HI-related brain injury in the perinatal period.


J Neurosci Res


Disdier C,Stonestreet BS




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    abstract::The brain acid-soluble protein BASP1 (CAP-23, NAP-22) belongs to the family of growth-associated proteins, which also includes GAP-43, a protein recently shown to regulate neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM)-mediated neurite outgrowth. Here, the effects of BASP1 overexpression were investigated in PC12E2 cells and pr...

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  • Neurogenesis and glial proliferation are stimulated following diffuse traumatic brain injury in adult rats.

    abstract::Although increased neurogenesis has been described in rodent models of focal traumatic brain injury (TBI), the neurogenic response occurring after diffuse TBI uncomplicated by focal injury has not been examined to date, despite the pervasiveness of this distinct type of brain injury in the TBI patient population. Here...

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  • Long-term variations in cyclic light intensity and dietary vitamin A intake modulate lipofuscin content of the retinal pigment epithelium.

    abstract::Experiments were conducted to determine whether the intensity of cyclic light exposure to the retina over a long period of time affects retinoid-dependent accumulation of lipofuscin in the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE). Albino rats were maintained from weaning on diets either containing (+A) or lacking (-A) retinyl...

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  • Elevated serum haptoglobin after traumatic brain injury is synthesized mainly in liver.

    abstract::Haptoglobin (Hp), an acute-phase response protein, is typically increased in the serum of adults after acute tissue injury. It is an antioxidant and may function as an injury-induced neuroprotective protein. However, the source of increased Hp is not clear. To investigate its source, we compared its time course expres...

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