Titrating a modified ketogenic diet for patients with McArdle disease: A pilot study.


:Glycogen storage disease type V (GSDV) is a rare inborn error of carbohydrate metabolism. Patients present with exercise intolerance due to blocked glycogen breakdown in skeletal muscle. Introducing alternative fuel substrates, such as ketone bodies (KBs), could potentially alleviate muscle symptoms. This pilot study investigates which of three different modified ketogenic diet regimes is optimal for GSDV-patients to follow in a future large-scale study. Participants were randomised to follow one of three diet regimes for 3 weeks (#1: 65%/15%/20%; #2: 75%/15%/10%, or #3: 80%/15%/5%, fat/protein/carbohydrate). The primary outcome was exercise tolerance assessed by heart rate (HR) changes during constant load cycling. Secondary outcomes included levels of ketosis, and changes in perceived exertion and indirect calorimetry measures during exercise. Ten GSDV-patients were included. Eight completed the study. The other two were excluded. Diet #3 showed the highest average KB level (1.1 mmol/L) vs #2 (0.5 mmol/L) and #1 (0.3 mmol/L). Five patients reported subjective symptom relief, all of whom were on diets #2 and #3. All diet regimes seemed to improve fatty acid oxidation rates and exercise capacity as indicated by a small decrease in HR and perceived exertion. The results of this open-label pilot study show that diets #2 and #3 induce ketosis and improve symptoms and exercise capacity in GSDV-patients. Diet #2 had the highest acceptability score and was superior or equal to diet #3 in all other parameters, except level of ketosis. Based on this, we suggest testing diet #2 in a large-scale, placebo-controlled study in GSDV.


J Inherit Metab Dis


Løkken N,Hansen KK,Storgaard JH,Ørngreen MC,Quinlivan R,Vissing J




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  • Prenatal diagnosis of Hurler disease by analysis of alpha-iduronidase in chorionic villi.

    abstract::Twenty-four pregnancies at risk for Hurler disease (MPS I) were monitored by measurement of alpha-iduronidase in chorionic villi. Adequate samples were obtained for direct assay of the villi in 22 pregnancies. Five were found to be affected and the pregnancies were terminated. In another pregnancy an equivocal result ...

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    abstract::The Mendelian disorder known as 3-methylgutaconic aciduria (McKusick 250950) gives evidence of allelic and locus heterogeneity. Type 1 has a mild clinical phenotype and confirmed 3-methylgutaconyl-CoA hydratase deficiency; inheritance is autosomal recessive. Other forms have major clinical manifestations and subdivide...

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  • Inborn errors of metabolism in Latin America: challenges and opportunities.

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  • Therapy through chaperones: sense or antisense? Cystic fibrosis as a model disease.

    abstract::Massive production and accumulation of a single abnormal protein may constitute a major toxic burden for the cell and even compromise the organism's long-term viability. Consequently, adaptation and survival have forced evolution to create 'quality control' mechanisms that detect, monitor, and often degrade such abnor...

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  • Molecular biology and gene therapy for glycogen storage disease type Ib.

    abstract::Glycogen storage disease type Ib (GSD-Ib) is caused by a deficiency in the ubiquitously expressed glucose-6-phosphate (G6P) transporter (G6PT or SLC37A4). The primary function of G6PT is to translocate G6P from the cytoplasm into the lumen of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). Inside the ER, G6P is hydrolyzed to glucose ...

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  • Assessment of homocysteine status.

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