Identifying vital nodes in complex networks by adjacency information entropy.


:Identifying the vital nodes in networks is of great significance for understanding the function of nodes and the nature of networks. Many centrality indices, such as betweenness centrality (BC), eccentricity centrality (EC), closeness centricity (CC), structural holes (SH), degree centrality (DC), PageRank (PR) and eigenvector centrality (VC), have been proposed to identify the influential nodes of networks. However, some of these indices have limited application scopes. EC and CC are generally only applicable to undirected networks, while PR and VC are generally used for directed networks. To design a more applicable centrality measure, two vital node identification algorithms based on node adjacency information entropy are proposed in this paper. To validate the effectiveness and applicability of the proposed algorithms, contrast experiments are conducted with the BC, EC, CC, SH, DC, PR and VC indices in different kinds of networks. The results show that the index in this paper has a high correlation with the local metric DC, and it also has a certain correlation with the PR and VC indices for directed networks. In addition, the experimental results indicate that our algorithms can effectively identify the vital nodes in different networks.


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Xu X,Zhu C,Wang Q,Zhu X,Zhou Y




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2020-02-14 00:00:00












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  • Genome-wide identification and co-expression network analysis provide insights into the roles of auxin response factor gene family in chickpea.

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  • Colletotrichum species associated with jute (Corchorus capsularis L.) anthracnose in southeastern China.

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  • Cholecystectomy - a potential selection bias in studies assessing the metabolic effects of bariatric surgeries.

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  • Global identification and analysis of isozyme-specific possible substrates crosslinked by transglutaminases using substrate peptides in mouse liver fibrosis.

    abstract::The transglutaminase (TG) family comprises eight isozymes that form the isopeptide bonds between glutamine and lysine residues and contribute to the fibrotic diseases via crosslinking-mediated stabilization of ECM and the activation of TGF-β in several tissues. However, despite a growing body of evidence implicating T...

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  • A computational guided, functional validation of a novel therapeutic antibody proposes Notch signaling as a clinical relevant and druggable target in glioma.

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  • Marine alkaloid monanchoxymycalin C: a new specific activator of JNK1/2 kinase with anticancer properties.

    abstract::Monanchoxymycalin C (MomC) is a new marine pentacyclic guanidine alkaloid, recently isolated from marine sponge Monanchora pulchra by us. Here, anticancer activity and mechanism of action was investigated for the first time using a human prostate cancer (PCa) model. MomC was active in all PCa cell lines at low micromo...

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  • High resolution spectroscopy reveals fibrillation inhibition pathways of insulin.

    abstract::Fibril formation implies the conversion of a protein's native secondary structure and is associated with several neurodegenerative diseases. A better understanding of fibrillation inhibition and fibril dissection requires nanoscale molecular characterization of amyloid structures involved. Tip-enhanced Raman scatterin...

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  • Understanding and mimicking the dual optimality of the fly ear.

    abstract::The fly Ormia ochracea has the remarkable ability, given an eardrum separation of only 520 μm, to pinpoint the 5 kHz chirp of its cricket host. Previous research showed that the two eardrums are mechanically coupled, which amplifies the directional cues. We have now performed a mechanics and optimization analysis whic...

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  • Graphene/semi-insulating single crystal CdTe Schottky-type heterojunction X- and γ-Ray Radiation Detectors.

    abstract::We developed a new concept of X- and γ-ray radiation semiconductor detectors based on a large area graphene/semi-insulating single crystal CdTe Schottky-type heterojunction. These two terminal electronic devices can be easily fabricated by forming a Van der Waals contact between large area chemical vapor deposited gra...

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  • Higher-order repeat structure in alpha satellite DNA occurs in New World monkeys and is not confined to hominoids.

    abstract::Centromeres usually contain large amounts of tandem repeat DNA. Alpha satellite DNA (AS) is the most abundant tandem repeat DNA found in the centromeres of simian primates. The AS of humans contains sequences organized into higher-order repeat (HOR) structures, which are tandem arrays of larger repeat units consisting...

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