Mutations in the HPV16 genome induced by APOBEC3 are associated with viral clearance.


:HPV16 causes half of cervical cancers worldwide; for unknown reasons, most infections resolve within two years. Here, we analyze the viral genomes of 5,328 HPV16-positive case-control samples to investigate mutational signatures and the role of human APOBEC3-induced mutations in viral clearance and cervical carcinogenesis. We identify four de novo mutational signatures, one of which matches the COSMIC APOBEC-associated signature 2. The viral genomes of the precancer/cancer cases are less likely to contain within-host somatic HPV16 APOBEC3-induced mutations (Fisher's exact test, P = 6.2 x 10-14), and have a 30% lower nonsynonymous APOBEC3 mutation burden compared to controls. We replicate the low prevalence of HPV16 APOBEC3-induced mutations in 1,749 additional cases. APOBEC3 mutations also historically contribute to the evolution of HPV16 lineages. We demonstrate that cervical infections with a greater burden of somatic HPV16 APOBEC3-induced mutations are more likely to be benign or subsequently clear, suggesting they may reduce persistence, and thus progression, within the host.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Zhu B,Xiao Y,Yeager M,Clifford G,Wentzensen N,Cullen M,Boland JF,Bass S,Steinberg MK,Raine-Bennett T,Lee D,Burk RD,Pinheiro M,Song L,Dean M,Nelson CW,Burdett L,Yu K,Roberson D,Lorey T,Franceschi S,Castle PE,Wa




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  • Protein kinase D regulates positive selection of CD4+ thymocytes through phosphorylation of SHP-1.

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  • Dynamic self-stiffening in liquid crystal elastomers.

    abstract::Biological tissues have the remarkable ability to remodel and repair in response to disease, injury and mechanical stresses. Synthetic materials lack the complexity of biological tissues, and man-made materials that respond to external stresses through a permanent increase in stiffness are uncommon. Here we report tha...

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  • The antiparasitic drug ivermectin is a novel FXR ligand that regulates metabolism.

    abstract::Farnesoid X receptor (FXR) has important roles in maintaining bile acid and cholesterol homeostasis. Here we report that the antiparasitic drug ivermectin is a ligand for nuclear FXR. We identify ivermectin using a high-throughput compound library screening and show that it induces the transcriptional activity of the ...

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