Liquids relax and unify strain in graphene.


:Solid substrates often induce non-uniform strain and doping in graphene monolayer, therefore altering the intrinsic properties of graphene, reducing its charge carrier mobilities and, consequently, the overall electrical performance. Here, we exploit confocal Raman spectroscopy to study graphene directly free-floating on the surface of water, and show that liquid supports relief the preexisting strain, have negligible doping effect and restore the uniformity of the properties throughout the graphene sheet. Such an effect originates from the structural adaptability and flexibility, lesser contamination and weaker intermolecular bonding of liquids compared to solid supports, independently of the chemical nature of the liquid. Moreover, we demonstrate that water provides a platform to study and distinguish chemical defects from substrate-induced defects, in the particular case of hydrogenated graphene. Liquid supports, thus, are advantageous over solid supports for a range of applications, particularly for monitoring changes in the graphene structure upon chemical modification.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Belyaeva LA,Jiang L,Soleimani A,Methorst J,Risselada HJ,Schneider GF




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2020-02-14 00:00:00












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  • Myelin replacement triggered by single-cell demyelination in mouse cortex.

    abstract::Myelin, rather than being a static insulator of axons, is emerging as an active participant in circuit plasticity. This requires precise regulation of oligodendrocyte numbers and myelination patterns. Here, by devising a laser ablation approach of single oligodendrocytes, followed by in vivo imaging and correlated ult...

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  • Solution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy on a nanostructured diamond chip.

    abstract::Sensors using nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond are a promising tool for small-volume nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, but the limited sensitivity remains a challenge. Here we show nearly two orders of magnitude improvement in concentration sensitivity over previous nitrogen-vacancy and picoliter NMR s...

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  • MAP4K3 mediates amino acid-dependent regulation of autophagy via phosphorylation of TFEB.

    abstract::Autophagy is the major cellular pathway by which macromolecules are degraded, and amino acid depletion powerfully activates autophagy. MAP4K3, or germinal-center kinase-like kinase, is required for robust cell growth in response to amino acids, but the basis for MAP4K3 regulation of cellular metabolic disposition rema...

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  • Auditory experience-dependent cortical circuit shaping for memory formation in bird song learning.

    abstract::As in human speech acquisition, songbird vocal learning depends on early auditory experience. During development, juvenile songbirds listen to and form auditory memories of adult tutor songs, which they use to shape their own vocalizations in later sensorimotor learning. The higher-level auditory cortex, called the ca...

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  • Mechanism of signal transduction of the LOV2-Jα photosensor from Avena sativa.

    abstract::Fusion proteins containing blue-light-activable protein domains possess great potential as molecular switches in cell signalling. This has recently been impressively demonstrated by connecting the light oxygen voltage LOV2-Jα-protein domain of A. sativa (AsLOV2-Jα) with the Rac1-GTPase, responsible for regulating the ...

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