Clustered DNA Damage: Electronic Properties and Their Influence on Charge Transfer. 7,8-Dihydro-8-Oxo-2'-Deoxyguaosine Versus 5',8-Cyclo-2'-Deoxyadenosines: A Theoretical Approach.


:Approximately 3 × 1017 DNA damage events take place per hour in the human body. Within clustered DNA lesions, they pose a serious problem for repair proteins, especially for iron-sulfur glycosylases (MutyH), which can recognize them by the electron-transfer process. It has been found that the presence of both 5',8-cyclo-2'-deoxyadenosine (cdA) diastereomers in the ds-DNA structure, as part of a clustered lesion, can influence vertical radical cation distribution within the proximal part of the double helix, i.e., d[~oxoGcAoxoG~] (7,8-dihydro-8-oxo-2'-deoxyguaosine - oxodG). Here, the influence of cdA, "the simplest tandem lesion", on the charge transfer through ds-DNA was taken into theoretical consideration at the M062x/6-31+G** level of theory in the aqueous phase. It was shown that the presence of (5'S)- or (5'R)-cdA leads to a slowdown in the hole transfer by one order of magnitude between the neighboring dGoxodG in comparison to "native" ds-DNA. Therefore, it can be concluded that such clustered lesions can lead to defective damage recognition with a subsequent slowing down of the DNA repair process, giving rise to an increase in mutations. As a result, the unrepaired, oxodG: dA base pair prior to genetic information replication can finally result in GC TA or ATCG transversion. This type of mutation is commonly observed in human cancer cells. Moreover, because local multiple damage sites (LMSD) are effectively produced as a result of ionization factors, the presented data in this article might be useful in developing a new scheme of radiotherapy treatment against the background of DNA repair efficiency.






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  • Physical Exercise Affects Adipose Tissue Profile and Prevents Arterial Thrombosis in BDNF Val66Met Mice.

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  • Alterations in Progesterone Receptor Isoform Balance in Normal and Neoplastic Breast Cells Modulates the Stem Cell Population.

    abstract::To investigate the role of PR isoforms on the homeostasis of stem cells in the normal and neoplastic mammary gland, we used PRA and PRB transgenic mice and the T47D human breast cancer cell line and its derivatives, T47D YA and YB (manipulated to express only PRA or PRB, respectively). Flow cytometry and mammosphere a...


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  • ZMPSTE24 Is Associated with Elevated Inflammation and Progerin mRNA.

    abstract::Lamins are important filaments forming the inner nuclear membrane. Lamin A is processed by zinc metalloproteinase (ZMPSTE24). Failure to cleave a truncated form of prelamin A-also called progerin-causes Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome a well-known premature aging disease. Minor levels of progerin are readily expr...


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  • Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Mesenchymal Stem Cells of the Placenta and Their Conditioned Medium in Local Radiation Injuries.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The search for an effective therapy for local radiation injuries (LRI) is urgent; one option is mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) derived from the placenta and their conditioned medium for the regenerative processes of the skin. METHODS:We used 80 animals, randomly assigned to four groups: control (C) animals th...


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  • Nevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma Syndrome: PTCH1 Mutation Profile and Expression of Genes Involved in the Hedgehog Pathway in Argentinian Patients.

    abstract::Nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome (NBCCS) is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by multiple basal cell carcinomas (BCC), mainly caused by PTCH1 gene mutations. Our current study aimed to establish (1) PTCH1 germinal and somatic mutational status, (2) component and Hedgehog (HH) pathway targets gene expres...


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  • Structural Biology and Electron Microscopy of the Autophagy Molecular Machinery.

    abstract::Autophagy is a highly regulated bulk degradation process that plays a key role in the maintenance of cellular homeostasis. During autophagy, a double membrane-bound compartment termed the autophagosome is formed through de novo nucleation and assembly of membrane sources to engulf unwanted cytoplasmic components and t...


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  • Melatonin's Antineoplastic Potential Against Glioblastoma.

    abstract::Glioblastoma (GBM) is one of the most intransigent and aggressive brain tumors, and its treatment is extremely challenging and ineffective. To improve patients' expectancy and quality of life, new therapeutic approaches were investigated. Melatonin is an endogenous indoleamine with an incredible variety of properties....


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  • Controversy in the Use of CD38 Antibody for Treatment of Myeloma: Is High CD38 Expression Good or Bad?

    abstract::During a time span of just a few years, the CD38 antibody, daratumumab, has been established as one of the most important new drugs for the treatment of multiple myeloma, both in the relapsed/refractory setting and, more recently, as a first-line treatment. Although much is known about the pleiotropic modes of action ...


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  • Methods to Monitor and Quantify Autophagy in the Social Amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum.

    abstract::Autophagy is a eukaryotic catabolic pathway that degrades and recycles cellular components to maintain homeostasis. It can target protein aggregates, superfluous biomolecular complexes, dysfunctional and damaged organelles, as well as pathogenic intracellular microbes. Autophagy is a dynamic process in which the diffe...


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  • The Rebirth of Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitors: Moving Beyond the Dogma.

    abstract::The pursuit of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) inhibitors began in earnest over three decades ago. Initial clinical trials were disappointing, resulting in a negative view of MMPs as therapeutic targets. As a better understanding of MMP biology and inhibitor pharmacokinetic properties emerged, it became clear that init...


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  • Dexamethasone Inhibits Spheroid Formation of Thyroid Cancer Cells Exposed to Simulated Microgravity.

    abstract::Detachment and the formation of spheroids under microgravity conditions can be observed with various types of intrinsically adherent human cells. In particular, for cancer cells this process mimics metastasis and may provide insights into cancer biology and progression that can be used to identify new drug/target comb...


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  • A New Highlight of Ephedra alata Decne Properties as Potential Adjuvant in Combination with Cisplatin to Induce Cell Death of 4T1 Breast Cancer Cells In Vitro and In Vivo.

    abstract::Despite major advances in the last 10 years, whether in terms of prevention or treatment, the 5 year survival rate remains relatively low for a large number of cancers. These therapeutic failures can be the consequence of several factors associated with the cellular modifications or with the host by itself, especially...


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  • Altered Expression of Mitoferrin and Frataxin, Larger Labile Iron Pool and Greater Mitochondrial DNA Damage in the Skeletal Muscle of Older Adults.

    abstract::Mitochondrial dysfunction and iron (Fe) dyshomeostasis are invoked among the mechanisms contributing to muscle aging, possibly via a detrimental mitochondrial-iron feed-forward loop. We quantified the labile Fe pool, Fe isotopes, and the expression of mitochondrial Fe handling proteins in muscle biopsies obtained from...


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    authors: Picca A,Saini SK,Mankowski RT,Kamenov G,Anton SD,Manini TM,Buford TW,Wohlgemuth SE,Xiao R,Calvani R,Coelho-Júnior HJ,Landi F,Bernabei R,Hood DA,Marzetti E,Leeuwenburgh C

    更新日期:2020-12-02 00:00:00

  • Trifolium Repens Blocks Proliferation in Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia via the BCR-ABL/STAT5 Pathway.

    abstract::Some species of clover are reported to have beneficial effects in human diseases. However, little is known about the activity of the forage plant Trifolium repens, or white clover, which has been recently found to exert a hepatoprotective action. Scientific interest is increasingly focused on identifying new drugs, es...


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  • Cannabinoid-Induced Autophagy and Heme Oxygenase-1 Determine the Fate of Adipose Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells under Stressful Conditions.

    abstract::The administration of adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells (ADMSCs) represents a promising therapeutic option after myocardial ischemia or myocardial infarction. However, their potential is reduced due to the high post-transplant cell mortality probably caused by oxidative stress and mitogen-deficient microen...


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  • The Emerging Role and Promise of Circular RNAs in Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders.

    abstract::Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are genome transcripts that are produced from back-splicing of specific regions of pre-mRNA. These single-stranded RNA molecules are widely expressed across diverse phyla and many of them are stable and evolutionary conserved between species. Growing evidence suggests that many circRNAs functi...


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  • Newborn Screening Samples for Diabetes Research: An Underused Resource.

    abstract::Inborn errors of metabolism and diabetes share common derangements in analytes of metabolic networks that are tested for in newborn screening, usually performed 48-72 h after birth. There is limited research examining the metabolic imprint of diabetes on newborn screening results. This paper aims to demonstrate the li...


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  • Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Ubiquitination and De-Ubiquitination in Signal Transduction and Receptor Trafficking.

    abstract::Receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) are membrane-based sensors that enable rapid communication between cells and their environment. Evidence is now emerging that interdependent regulatory mechanisms, such as membrane trafficking, ubiquitination, proteolysis and gene expression, have substantial effects on RTK signal tran...


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    authors: Critchley WR,Pellet-Many C,Ringham-Terry B,Harrison MA,Zachary IC,Ponnambalam S

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  • A Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Peptide Blocks Infection of Viruses by Binding to Phosphatidylserine in the Viral Envelope.

    abstract::The ongoing threat of viral infections and the emergence of antiviral drug resistance warrants a ceaseless search for new antiviral compounds. Broadly-inhibiting compounds that act on elements shared by many viruses are promising antiviral candidates. Here, we identify a peptide derived from the cowpox virus protein C...


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    authors: Luteijn RD,Praest P,Thiele F,Sadasivam SM,Singethan K,Drijfhout JW,Bach C,de Boer SM,Lebbink RJ,Tao S,Helfer M,Bach NC,Protzer U,Costa AI,Killian JA,Drexler I,Wiertz EJHJ

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  • Role of Angiopoietin-2 in Vascular Physiology and Pathophysiology.

    abstract::Angiopoietins 1-4 (Ang1-4) represent an important family of growth factors, whose activities are mediated through the tyrosine kinase receptors, Tie1 and Tie2. The best characterized are angiopoietin-1 (Ang1) and angiopoietin-2 (Ang2). Ang1 is a potent angiogenic growth factor signaling through Tie2, whereas Ang2 was ...


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  • p190RhoGAPs, the ARHGAP35- and ARHGAP5-Encoded Proteins, in Health and Disease.

    abstract::Small guanosine triphosphatases (GTPases) gathered in the Rat sarcoma (Ras) superfamily represent a large family of proteins involved in several key cellular mechanisms. Within the Ras superfamily, the Ras homolog (Rho) family is specialized in the regulation of actin cytoskeleton-based mechanisms. These proteins swit...


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  • Special Issue on "Disease and the Hippo Pathway".

    abstract::The Hippo pathway is a cellular signalling network, which plays major roles in organ homeostasis and development[...]. ...


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  • Notch Signaling in Breast Cancer: A Role in Drug Resistance.

    abstract::Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease that can be subdivided into unique molecular subtypes based on protein expression of the Estrogen Receptor, Progesterone Receptor, and/or the Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2. Therapeutic approaches are designed to inhibit these overexpressed receptors either by endocri...


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    authors: BeLow M,Osipo C

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  • Yeast to Study Human Purine Metabolism Diseases.

    abstract::Purine nucleotides are involved in a multitude of cellular processes, and the dysfunction of purine metabolism has drastic physiological and pathological consequences. Accordingly, several genetic disorders associated with defective purine metabolism have been reported. The etiology of these diseases is poorly underst...


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  • Animal, Fungi, and Plant Genome Sequences Harbor Different Non-Canonical Splice Sites.

    abstract::Most protein-encoding genes in eukaryotes contain introns, which are interwoven with exons. Introns need to be removed from initial transcripts in order to generate the final messenger RNA (mRNA), which can be translated into an amino acid sequence. Precise excision of introns by the spliceosome requires conserved din...


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  • Interplay between Hormones and Several Abiotic Stress Conditions on Arabidopsis thaliana Primary Root Development.

    abstract::As sessile organisms, plants must adjust their growth to withstand several environmental conditions. The root is a crucial organ for plant survival as it is responsible for water and nutrient acquisition from the soil and has high phenotypic plasticity in response to a lack or excess of them. How plants sense and tran...


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  • An Immediate and Long-Term Complication of COVID-19 May Be Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: The Central Role of β-Cell Dysfunction, Apoptosis and Exploration of Possible Mechanisms.

    abstract::The novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) was declared a pandemic by the WHO on 19 March 2020. This pandemic is associated with markedly elevated blood glucose levels and a remarkable degree of insulin resistance, which suggests pancreatic ...


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  • An Intricate Connection between Alternative Splicing and Phenotypic Plasticity in Development and Cancer.

    abstract::During tumor progression, hypoxia, nutrient deprivation or changes in the extracellular environment (i.e., induced by anti-cancer drugs) elicit adaptive responses in cancer cells. Cellular plasticity increases the chance that tumor cells may survive in a challenging microenvironment, acquire new mechanisms of resistan...


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    authors: Biamonti G,Infantino L,Gaglio D,Amato A

    更新日期:2019-12-21 00:00:00

  • Characterization of Brassica rapa RAP2.4-Related Proteins in Stress Response and as CUL3-Dependent E3 Ligase Substrates.

    abstract::The turnip Brassica rapa has important economic value and represents a good model system to study gene function in crop plants. ERF/AP2 transcription factors are a major group of proteins that are often involved in regulating stress-responses and developmental programs. Some ERF/AP2 proteins are targets of CULLIN3-bas...


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    authors: Mooney S,Al-Saharin R,Choi CM,Tucker K,Beathard C,Hellmann HA

    更新日期:2019-04-10 00:00:00

  • Subcutaneous Maturation of Neural Stem Cell-Loaded Hydrogels Forms Region-Specific Neuroepithelium.

    abstract::A combinatorial approach integrating stem cells and capable of exploiting available cues is likely needed to regenerate lost neural tissues and ultimately restore neurologic functions. This study investigates the effects of the subcutaneous maturation of adult-derived neural stem cell (aNSCs) seeded into biomaterial c...


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    authors: Farrag M,Leipzig ND

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