Identifying neural substrates of competitive interactions and sequence transitions during mechanosensory responses in Drosophila.


:Nervous systems have the ability to select appropriate actions and action sequences in response to sensory cues. The circuit mechanisms by which nervous systems achieve choice, stability and transitions between behaviors are still incompletely understood. To identify neurons and brain areas involved in controlling these processes, we combined a large-scale neuronal inactivation screen with automated action detection in response to a mechanosensory cue in Drosophila larva. We analyzed behaviors from 2.9x105 larvae and identified 66 candidate lines for mechanosensory responses out of which 25 for competitive interactions between actions. We further characterize in detail the neurons in these lines and analyzed their connectivity using electron microscopy. We found the neurons in the mechanosensory network are located in different regions of the nervous system consistent with a distributed model of sensorimotor decision-making. These findings provide the basis for understanding how selection and transition between behaviors are controlled by the nervous system.


PLoS Genet


PLoS genetics


Masson JB,Laurent F,Cardona A,Barré C,Skatchkovsky N,Zlatic M,Jovanic T




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  • Genomic variation in rice: genesis of highly polymorphic linkage blocks during domestication.

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  • PCNA ubiquitination is important, but not essential for translesion DNA synthesis in mammalian cells.

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  • Coordination of chromatid separation and spindle elongation by antagonistic activities of mitotic and S-phase CDKs.

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  • A mutation in the SUV39H2 gene in Labrador Retrievers with hereditary nasal parakeratosis (HNPK) provides insights into the epigenetics of keratinocyte differentiation.

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  • Pleiotropic Effects of Immune Responses Explain Variation in the Prevalence of Fibroproliferative Diseases.

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  • Reversible Oxidation of a Conserved Methionine in the Nuclear Export Sequence Determines Subcellular Distribution and Activity of the Fungal Nitrate Regulator NirA.

    abstract::The assimilation of nitrate, a most important soil nitrogen source, is tightly regulated in microorganisms and plants. In Aspergillus nidulans, during the transcriptional activation process of nitrate assimilatory genes, the interaction between the pathway-specific transcription factor NirA and the exportin KapK/CRM1 ...

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  • An Indel Polymorphism in the MtnA 3' Untranslated Region Is Associated with Gene Expression Variation and Local Adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster.

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  • A Minimal Threshold of c-di-GMP Is Essential for Fruiting Body Formation and Sporulation in Myxococcus xanthus.

    abstract::Generally, the second messenger bis-(3'-5')-cyclic dimeric GMP (c-di-GMP) regulates the switch between motile and sessile lifestyles in bacteria. Here, we show that c-di-GMP is an essential regulator of multicellular development in the social bacterium Myxococcus xanthus. In response to starvation, M. xanthus initiate...

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  • Genetic modifiers of muscular dystrophy act on sarcolemmal resealing and recovery from injury.

    abstract::Genetic disruption of the dystrophin complex produces muscular dystrophy characterized by a fragile muscle plasma membrane leading to excessive muscle degeneration. Two genetic modifiers of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy implicate the transforming growth factor β (TGFβ) pathway, osteopontin encoded by the SPP1 gene and l...

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  • Common genetic variants and modification of penetrance of BRCA2-associated breast cancer.

    abstract::The considerable uncertainty regarding cancer risks associated with inherited mutations of BRCA2 is due to unknown factors. To investigate whether common genetic variants modify penetrance for BRCA2 mutation carriers, we undertook a two-staged genome-wide association study in BRCA2 mutation carriers. In stage 1 using ...

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    authors: Gaudet MM,Kirchhoff T,Green T,Vijai J,Korn JM,Guiducci C,Segrè AV,McGee K,McGuffog L,Kartsonaki C,Morrison J,Healey S,Sinilnikova OM,Stoppa-Lyonnet D,Mazoyer S,Gauthier-Villars M,Sobol H,Longy M,Frenay M,GEMO Study

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  • Functional male accessory glands and fertility in Drosophila require novel ecdysone receptor.

    abstract::In many insects, the accessory gland, a secretory tissue of the male reproductive system, is essential for male fertility. Male accessory gland is the major source of proteinaceous secretions, collectively called as seminal proteins (or accessory gland proteins), which upon transfer, manipulate the physiology and beha...

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  • Blockade of pachytene piRNA biogenesis reveals a novel requirement for maintaining post-meiotic germline genome integrity.

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  • The microRNA mir-71 inhibits calcium signaling by targeting the TIR-1/Sarm1 adaptor protein to control stochastic L/R neuronal asymmetry in C. elegans.

    abstract::The Caenorhabditis elegans left and right AWC olfactory neurons communicate to establish stochastic asymmetric identities, AWC(ON) and AWC(OFF), by inhibiting a calcium-mediated signaling pathway in the future AWC(ON) cell. NSY-4/claudin-like protein and NSY-5/innexin gap junction protein are the two parallel signals ...

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