The usefulness and acceptance of the OSCE in nursing schools.


:This qualitative study explores the usefulness and acceptance attributed by students and faculty members to an Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation (OSCE) administered to nursing undergraduates in Catalonia (Spain) for 10 years. Seventy undergraduate nursing students and twelve faculty members participated in the study. The data collection techniques included an open-ended questionnaire, a student focus group, and individualized faculty interviews. The students experienced the OSCE positively as a learning event that offered an opportunity for feedback that could help them master the required competencies. The OSCE increased students' responsibility by presenting them with a set of challenges that they had to tackle individually. Moreover, it reaffirmed their confidence in situations that closely resembled professional practice. Faculty members valued the ability of the OSCE to integrate and assess competencies, its objectivity, and the indirect information it provided on the effectiveness of the curriculum. The educational impact attributed to the OSCE and its acceptance among faculty and students suggest that it would be useful to re-implement it in the Bachelor's of Nursing in Catalan universities. Our findings may be of use to other nursing programs considering how to assess competency-based education, especially in the context of the European Higher Education Area.


Nurse Educ Pract


Solà-Pola M,Morin-Fraile V,Fabrellas-Padrés N,Raurell-Torreda M,Guanter-Peris L,Guix-Comellas E,Pulpón-Segura AM




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