Revised Danish guidelines for the cancer surveillance of patients with Cowden Syndrome.


INTRODUCTION:Cowden syndrome is a cancer predisposition syndrome caused by pathogenic variants in PTEN. The affected patients possess an increased risk of breast, thyroid, renal, colorectal, endometrial cancers as well as malignant melanoma. Thus prophylactic surveillance and follow up is crucial for these patients. METHODS:A review of the literature including existing guidelines from the years 1996 until 2017 was carried out. In total, 2078 scientific papers were identified through database searches on Cowden syndrome. Among these, 11 manuscripts were included based on scientific relevance and quality. Expert consensus was reached to define management guidelines. RESULTS:The literature revealed a high risk of cancer in specific organs for patients diagnosed with Cowden Syndrome. Alternative management guidelines were proposed and discussed. CONCLUSIONS:Here we propose a revised set of management guidelines for patients with Cowden syndrome in Denmark to address the increased risk of various cancer types.


Eur J Med Genet


Smerdel MP,Skytte AB,Jelsig AM,Ebbehøj E,Stochholm K




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  • Evidence of a mechanism for isodicentric chromosome Y formation in a 45,X/46,X,idic(Y)(p11.31)/46,X,del(Y)(p11.31) mosaic karyotype.

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  • Malpuech syndrome: broadening the clinical spectrum and molecular analysis by array-CGH.

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  • A de novo 8q22.2-24.3 duplication in a patient with mild phenotype.

    abstract::We report a new case of 8q interstitial duplication in a patient with dysmorphic features, umbilical hernia, cryptorchidism, short stature, congenital heart defect and mild mental retardation (MR). Chromosome analysis with high resolution QFQ bands showed 46,XY, 8q+, which was interpreted as a partial duplication of t...

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  • LARP7 variants and further delineation of the Alazami syndrome phenotypic spectrum among primordial dwarfisms: 2 sisters.

    abstract::Alazami syndrome (AS) (MIM# 615071) is an autosomal recessive microcephalic primordial dwarfism (PD) with recognizable facial features and severe intellectual disability due to depletion or loss of function variants in LARP7. To date, 15 patients with AS have been reported. Here we describe two consanguineous Algerian...

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  • Clinical and genetic study of two patients with Zimmermann-Laband syndrome and literature review.

    abstract::Zimmermann-Laband syndrome (ZLS) is a rare MCA/MR condition mainly characterized by gingival hypertrophy, hypo/aplastic nails and distal phalanges, hypertrichosis and intellectual disability. The molecular basis of ZLS is unknown. Most patients are sporadic, although familial aggregation is also observed with differen...

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  • Ring chromosome 12 with inverted microduplication of 12p13.3 involving the Von Willebrand Factor gene associated with cryptogenic stroke in a young adult male.

    abstract::We report a 35-year-old male with a ring chromosome 12 originally diagnosed 20 years prior to presentation with an ischemic stroke. Array CGH analysis revealed a sub-microscopic microdeletion and microduplication within 12p13.3 and a microdeletion in 12q24.33. FISH analysis further revealed that the duplication was in...

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  • Early detection of chromosome 9q22.32q31.1 microdeletion and the nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome.

    abstract::We report on a patient with a microdeletion of chromosome region 9q22.32q31.1 including the PTCH1 gene (human homologue of the Drosophila patched 1 gene), review the findings in the reported patients with similar array CGH findings, and highlight the non nevoid basal cell carcinoma/non-Gorlin syndrome findings at an e...

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  • Post-axial polydactyly type A2, overgrowth and autistic traits associated with a chromosome 13q31.3 microduplication encompassing miR-17-92 and GPC5.

    abstract::Genomic rearrangements at chromosome 13q31.3q32.1 have been associated with digital anomalies, dysmorphic features, and variable degree of mental disability. Microdeletions leading to haploinsufficiency of miR17∼92, a cluster of micro RNA genes closely linked to GPC5 in both mouse and human genomes, has recently been ...

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  • Early manifestations of epileptic encephalopathy, brain atrophy, and elevation of serum neuron specific enolase in a boy with beta-propeller protein-associated neurodegeneration.

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  • Ring chromosome 20 syndrome without deletions of the subtelomeric and CHRNA4--KCNQ2 genes loci.

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  • Benign hereditary chorea and deletions outside NKX2-1: What's the role of MBIP?

    abstract::Heterozygous point mutations or deletions of the NKX2-1 gene cause benign hereditary chorea (BHC) or a various combinations of primary hypothyroidism, respiratory distress and neurological disorders. Deletions proximal to, but not encompassing, NKX2-1 have been described in few subjects with brain-lung-thyroid syndrom...

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  • Duplication of the Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome critical region causes neurodevelopmental delay.

    abstract::Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome (WHS) is caused by deletions on chromosome 4p and is clinically well defined. Genotype-phenotype correlations of patients with WHS point to a critical locus to be responsible for the main characteristics of this disorder. Submicroscopic duplications of this region, however, are not known. Here...

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  • Determination of the deletion breakpoints in two patients with contiguous gene syndrome encompassing CYBB gene.

    abstract::X-linked chronic granulomatous disease is a primary immunodeficiency caused by mutations in CYBB. Although large deletions involving CYBB are known to cause contiguous gene syndrome (CGS), only a few patients have been studied precisely at the molecular levels. Our study determined the deletion breakpoints in two pati...

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  • 7p22.1 microdeletions involving ACTB associated with developmental delay, short stature, and microcephaly.

    abstract::There are no published reports of patients harboring microdeletions involving the 7p22.1 region. Although 7p22.1 microdeletions are rare, some reports have shown microduplications encompassing this region. In this study, we report five patients with overlapping deletions of the 7p22.1 region. The patients exhibited cl...

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  • A 10 Mb duplication in chromosome band 5q31.3-5q33.1 associated with late-onset lipodystrophy, ichthyosis, epilepsy and glomerulonephritis.

    abstract::We report here a 44 years-old patient with late-onset partial lipodystrophy, mental retardation, epilepsy, ichtyosis and glomerulonephritis, carrying a 10 Mb duplication of the chromosome 5q31.3-5q32.1 region detected by array-CGH. ...

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  • A de novo heterozygous mutation in KCNC2 gene implicated in severe developmental and epileptic encephalopathy.

    abstract::An increasing number of developmental and epileptic encephalopathies have been correlated with variants of ion channel genes, and in particular of potassium channels genes, such as KCNA1, KCNA2, KCNB1, KCNQ2, KCTD7 and KCNT1. Here we report a child with an early severe developmental and epileptic encephalopathy, spast...

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  • Mutation spectrum of MMACHC in Chinese pediatric patients with cobalamin C disease: A case series and literature review.

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  • Genotype-phenotype correlations of UBA2 mutations in patients with ectrodactyly.

    abstract::Interstitial 19q13.11 deletions are associated with ectrodactyly, which has recently been linked to loss-of-function of the UBA2 gene. We report a boy with a de novo frameshift mutation in UBA2 (c.612delA (p.(Glu205Lysfs*63)), presenting with ectrodactyly of the feet associated with learning difficulties and minor phy...

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  • Acute liver failure in a male patient with NGLY1-congenital disorder of deglycosylation.

    abstract::Congenital disorder of N-linked deglycosylation (CDDG, MIM 615273) is a very rare autosomal recessive disorder caused by pathogenic variants in the NGLY1 gene. Transient transaminitis is the typical hepatic dysfunction described in these patients, but also included neonatal jaundice, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, and st...

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  • Chromosome Xq28 duplication encompassing MECP2: Clinical and molecular analysis of 16 new patients from 10 families in China.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Chromosome Xq28 duplications encompassing methyl-CpG-binding protein 2 gene (MECP2) are observed most in males with a severe neurodevelopmental disorder associated with hypotonia, spasticity, severe learning disability, delayed psychomotor development, and recurrent pulmonary infections. Most female carrie...

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    authors: Yi Z,Pan H,Li L,Wu H,Wang S,Ma Y,Qi Y

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  • HCN4 mutation as a molecular explanation on patients with bradycardia and non-compaction cardiomyopathy.

    abstract::A very recent study suggested that HCN4 mutations could be associated with sinusal bradycardia and myocardial non compaction. A French family with 3 affected sisters presenting the same clinical phenotype (sinus bradycardia in combination with non compaction cardiomyopathy (NCCM)) have benefited both from a systematic...

    journal_title:European journal of medical genetics

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    authors: Millat G,Janin A,de Tauriac O,Roux A,Dauphin C

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  • Telomeres and genomic instability during early development.

    abstract::Genomic instability is widespread during early embryo development. Aneuploidy, mosaicism, and copy number variants (CNVs) commonly appear in human preimplantation embryos. Both age-dependent meiotic aneuploidy and age-independent mitotic aneuploidy and CNVs occur In human embryos. Telomere attrition, which contributes...

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    authors: Keefe DL

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  • Phenotypic variability in two patients with tumor necrosis factor receptor associated periodic fever syndrome emphasizes a rare manifestation: Immunoglobulin A nephropathy.

    abstract::Tumor necrosis factor receptor associated periodic fever syndrome (TRAPS) is caused by heterozygote mutations in TNFRSF1A, characterized by recurrent inflammatory attacks. In this report, we described two patients with different heterozygote mutations in TNFRSF1A. Patient 1, a 15-year-old male, had suffered from recur...

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  • Unusual 8p inverted duplication deletion with telomere capture from 8q.

    abstract::Inverted 8p duplication deletions are recurrent chromosomal rearrangements that are mediated through non-allelic homologous recombination (NAHR) between olfactory receptor (OR) gene clusters at 8p23.1. These rearrangements result in a proximal inverted duplication of various extent, a single copy region between the OR...

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  • MAPH: from gels to microarrays.

    abstract::The development of accurate and sensitive methodologies to detect small chromosomal imbalances (<3 Mb) is extremely important in clinical diagnostics and research in human genetics. The technique of array-comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) using BAC and PAC clones is very sensitive methodology and is rapidly beco...

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    authors: Patsalis PC,Kousoulidou L,Sismani C,Männik K,Kurg A

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  • A patient with two mitochondrial DNA mutations causing PEO and LHON.

    abstract::We report a 22-year-old man with PEO and optic atrophy. PEO developed before the onset of optic atrophy. The patient showed mitochondrial myopathy with cytochrome c oxidase deficient fibers. In skeletal muscle the patient was homoplasmic for the mtDNA G11778A Leber hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON) mutation and heter...

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    authors: Melberg A,Moslemi AR,Palm O,Raininko R,Stålberg E,Oldfors A

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