Altered attention networks in patients with thyroid dysfunction: A neuropsychological study.


:Patients with thyroid dysfunction (31 hypothyroid, 32 subclinical hypothyroidism, 34 hyperthyroid, and 30 subclinical hyperthyroidism) and 37 euthyroid control subjects were recruited and performed the attention network test (ANT), which can simultaneously examine the alertness, orientation and execution control of the participants. Patients with hypothyroidism had abnormalities in the alerting network, and those with hyperthyroidism had impairments of the alerting and executive control networks. No attention networks deficit existed in patients with subclinical hyperthyroidism and subclinical hypothyroidism. The anxiety and depression scores of patients with thyroid dysfunction were significantly higher than those of the healthy control group. Covariance analysis demonstrated that interactions between group and Hamilton Anxiety Scale scores, group and HAMD score were not significant, but there was a significant main effect for group when analyzing the difference in values of the alerting network between groups. Further, the efficiency of the executive control network was negatively correlated with the T4 level in the hypothyroidism group, and positively correlated with the T4 level in the hyperthyroidism group. T4 or T3 level and efficiencies of the executive control network had a significant quadratic U-shaped relationship in all participants. In summary, the patients with four kinds of thyroid dysfunction exhibited different characteristics of ANT performance. Patients with thyroid dysfunction had various degrees of anxiety and depression disorders, but anxiety and depression disorders had no effect on the differences in the executive control network between the groups.


Horm Behav


Hormones and behavior


Yuan L,Luan D,Xu X,Yang Q,Huang X,Zhao S,Zhang Y,Zhou Z




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    abstract::A contribution to a special issue on Hormones and Human Competition. A stress perspective is used to illuminate how competitive defeat and victory shape biology and behavior. We report a field study examining how change in cortisol following perceived defeat (vs. victory) in a competition-in this case, a dog agility c...

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  • Effects of neonatal testosterone treatment on pacing behaviors and development of a conditioned place preference.

    abstract::Two experiments assessed the effects of neonatal testosterone treatment on paced mating behavior and conditioned place preference in female rats. In both experiments, females received s.c. injections of 5.0 microg testosterone propionate or oil vehicle at three days postpartum. As adults, females were ovariectomized a...

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