Development of a novel murine heart failure model overexpressing human renin and angiotensinogen.


:Renin is the rate-limiting enzyme of the renin-angiotensin system cascade, which drives the pathophysiological progression of heart failure. Species differences in the amino acid sequence of the catalytic domain of renin limit evaluations of the potency and efficacy of human renin inhibitors in animal models, and a high dose of inhibitors is usually needed to show its organ-protective effects in rodents. In the present study, we developed a novel murine heart failure model (triple-tg) to enable us to evaluate the cardioprotective effect of renin inhibitors at more relevant doses for humans, by cross-breeding calsequestrin transgenic (CSQ-tg) mice with human renin and human angiotensinogen double-transgenic mice. The triple-tg mice exhibited increased plasma renin activity, worsened cardiac hypertrophy, and higher mortality compared to CSQ-tg mice. Triple-tg mice treated with 10 mg·kg-1 of TAK-272 (imarikiren/SCO-272), an orally active direct renin inhibitor, exhibited improvements in heart failure phenotypes, such as cardiac hypertrophy and survival rate; however, a dose of 300 mg·kg-1 was required to improve symptoms in CSQ-tg mice. Our results suggest that this newly generated triple-tg heart failure model is useful to evaluate the cardioprotective effects of human renin inhibitors at clinically relevant doses, thereby minimizing the concerns of off-target effects related to much higher drug exposure than that achieved in clinical study.


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FEBS open bio


Hara T,Yamamura T,Murakami-Asahina M,Matsumoto H,Takeyama M,Kanagawa R,Nishimoto T




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