A native apex predator limits an invasive mesopredator and protects native prey: Tasmanian devils protecting bandicoots from cats.


:Apex predators can limit the abundance and behaviour of mesopredators, thereby reducing predation on smaller species. We know less about whether native apex predators are effective in suppressing invasive mesopredators, a major global driver of vertebrate extinctions. We use the severe disease-induced decline of an apex predator, the Tasmanian devil, as a natural experiment to test whether devils limit abundance of invasive feral cats and in turn protect smaller native prey. Cat abundance was c. 58% higher where devils had declined, which in turn negatively affected a smaller native prey species. Devils had a stronger limiting effect on cats than on a native mesopredator, suggesting apex predators may have stronger suppressive effects on evolutionarily naive species than coevolved species. Our results highlight how disease in one species can affect the broader ecosystem. We show that apex predators not only regulate native species but can also confer resistance to the impacts of invasive populations. Apex predators could therefore be a powerful but underutilised tool to prevent biodiversity loss.


Ecol Lett


Ecology letters


Cunningham CX,Johnson CN,Jones ME




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  • Community evolution increases plant productivity at low diversity.

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  • Welcome to the neighbourhood: interspecific genotype by genotype interactions in Solidago influence above- and belowground biomass and associated communities.

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  • Dispersal frequency affects local biomass production by controlling local diversity.

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  • Slow response of plant species richness to habitat loss and fragmentation.

    abstract::We examined the response of vascular plant species richness to long-term habitat loss and fragmentation of Estonian calcareous grasslands (alvars). The current number of habitat specialist species in 35 alvars was not explained by their current areas and connectivities but it was explained by their areas and connectiv...

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  • Proportional mixture of two rarefaction/extrapolation curves to forecast biodiversity changes under landscape transformation.

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  • Sexual dimorphism in immunity across animals: a meta-analysis.

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  • The role of functional traits and trade-offs in structuring phytoplankton communities: scaling from cellular to ecosystem level.

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