Role expectations and workplace relations experienced by men in nursing: A qualitative study through an interpretive description lens.


AIMS:The aim of this study was to investigate the lived experiences of male nurses in today's healthcare environment to understand the persistently low numbers of men in nursing. DESIGN:This study used interpretive description methodology, which aligns with nursing's approach to knowledge discovery by acknowledging the evolution and complexity of shared and individual experiences. METHODS:Participants, (N = 11), were recruited through the American Association for Men in Nursing using purposive sampling. Focused interviews were conducted between May 2018 - June 2018. Interviews were semi-structured, guided by open-ended questions and video and audio recorded. Data were analysed according to study design with categories and themes extracted using reliability measures. RESULTS:This study's findings reflected the unique experiences of each participant in a primarily female dominated work environment in clinical and academic settings. Our study identified thematic categories of role expectations and workplace relations for the men in the study. Role expectations were influenced by sociocultural views, professional acceptance and patient/family perceptions. Workplace relations were associated with being male, social cliques and peer support. CONCLUSION:Participants shared similar and distinctly individual experiences. Findings from this study indicate there has been progress toward improving male presence in nursing but additional efforts are needed to increase inclusivity. Findings can be used to make recommendations for professional change in nursing, strengthen diversity by refining ways to recruit more men, enhance patients' experiences and improve experiences for future male nurses. IMPACT:This study addressed low numbers of men in nursing. Main findings included role expectations and workplace relations and how they are experienced by men in nursing. Findings from this research have a multidisciplinary impact in the workplace, and affect care of patients and their families. :目的: 本研究目的在于调查男护士在当今医疗环境中的生活经历,从而弄清护理人员中男性人数持续偏低的原因。 设计: 本研究采用解释性描述方法,通过确认共同经历和个人经历的演变和复杂性,与护理学的知识发现方法保持一致。 方法: 通过美国男护士协会采用有目的抽样法来招募参与者(N=11)。主题式访谈于2018年5月至2018年6月期间进行,为半结构式访谈,采用开放式问题和录音录像引导。按照研究设计对数据进行分析,并用可靠性方法提取类别和主题。 结果: 本研究的发现结果反映了每个参与者在以女性为主的临床和学术环境中的独特经历。我们的研究确定了研究中男性的角色期望和工作场所关系作为主题类别。角色期望受社会文化观点、专业接受度和患者/家庭观念的影响。工作场所关系与男性、社会团体和同伴支持有关。 结论: 参与者大多拥有相似经历,但具有明显的个人特征。本项研究的发现结果表明,在改善男性在护理中的存在作用方面已取得了进展,但还需要作出更多努力来增加包容性。研究结果可用于为护理工作职业转换提供建议,通过改进招聘更多男性的方式来加强多样性,提高患者的医疗体验并改善未来男护士的职场体验。 影响: 本项研究侧重于解决护理人员中男性人数较少的问题。主要发现结果包括角色期望和工作场所关系以及男性在护理工作中对其的经历。本研究的发现结果对工作场所产生了多学科的影响,并影响到患者及其家庭的护理。.


J Adv Nurs


Smith CM,Lane SH,Brackney DE,Horne CE




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