Burden Faced by Caregivers of Stroke Patients Who Attend Rural-based Medical Teaching Hospital in Western India.


Background:Stroke results in significant caregiver burden and strain. Objective:The main objectives of this study is to assess the burden and its consequences in caregivers of stroke patients and to determine the associated factors to caregivers' burden. Methods:A cross-sectional study was conducted over 1 year on 70 consecutive patients who attended the Shree Krishna Hospital, Karamsad stroke clinic. Demographic and clinical characteristics of all patients were recorded after obtaining the consent. The modified rankin scale and Barthel index were administered to the patient, whereas Caregiver strain index, Caregiver burden scale, Patient Health Questionnaire-9, Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7, and Kuppuswami scale were administered to the patient's caregiver. Descriptive statistics were used to portray demographic and clinical profiles. Correlation coefficients were used to assess the association between different scales, and t-test was applied to assess association of caregivers' burden with different categorical variables. Results:The mean age was 60 years for patients and 47 years for caregivers. Nearly 72.8% of patients were male, whereas 57% of caregivers were female. The mean caregiver burden scale score was 28.26. Caregivers' burden decreased with increase in stroke duration (P = 0.01), increase in education level (P = 0.054), and upper socioeconomic status (P = 0.02). Caregivers' burden increased with caring for male gender (P = 0.18), being a female caregiver (P = 0.31), longer caregiver hours (r = 0.51), and increased patient disability (P < 0.01). A strong correlation existed between caregivers' burden and depression (0.72); anxiety and depression (0.84); caregivers' burden and caregiver strain index (0.72). Conclusions:A structured and targeted caregiver intervention is urgently needed to relieve caregivers' burden and related psychological comorbidities in an Indian setup.


Ann Indian Acad Neurol


Mandowara B,Patel AN,Amin AA,Phatak A,Desai S




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