Chronic circadian misalignment accelerates immune senescence and abbreviates lifespan in mice.


:Modern society characterized by a 24/7 lifestyle leads to misalignment between environmental cycles and endogenous circadian rhythms. Persisting circadian misalignment leads to deleterious effects on health and healthspan. However, the underlying mechanism remains not fully understood. Here, we subjected adult, wild-type mice to distinct chronic jet-lag paradigms, which showed that long-term circadian misalignment induced significant early mortality. Non-biased RNA sequencing analysis using liver and kidney showed marked activation of gene regulatory pathways associated with the immune system and immune disease in both organs. In accordance, we observed enhanced steatohepatitis with infiltration of inflammatory cells. The investigation of senescence-associated immune cell subsets from the spleens and mesenteric lymph nodes revealed an increase in PD-1+CD44high CD4 T cells as well as CD95+GL7+ germinal center B cells, indicating that the long-term circadian misalignment exacerbates immune senescence and consequent chronic inflammation. Our results underscore immune homeostasis as a pivotal interventional target against clock-related disorders.


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Inokawa H,Umemura Y,Shimba A,Kawakami E,Koike N,Tsuchiya Y,Ohashi M,Minami Y,Cui G,Asahi T,Ono R,Sasawaki Y,Konishi E,Yoo SH,Chen Z,Teramukai S,Ikuta K,Yagita K




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  • Targeting intracellular p-aminobenzoic acid production potentiates the anti-tubercular action of antifolates.

    abstract::The ability to revitalize and re-purpose existing drugs offers a powerful approach for novel treatment options against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other infectious agents. Antifolates are an underutilized drug class in tuberculosis (TB) therapy, capable of disrupting the biosynthesis of tetrahydrofolate, an essenti...

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  • Electrophysiology of the rhythmic defecation program in nematode Heterorhabditis megidis.

    abstract::The nervous system controls most rhythmic behaviors, with a remarkable exception. In Caenorhabditis elegans periodic defecation rhythm does not appear to involve the nervous system. Such oscillations are studied in detail with genetic and molecular biology tools. The small size of C. elegans cells impairs the use of s...

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  • Mesenchymal stem cell-laden anti-inflammatory hydrogel enhances diabetic wound healing.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to permit bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) to reach their full potential in the treatment of chronic wounds. A biocompatible multifunctional crosslinker based temperature sensitive hydrogel was developed to deliver BMSCs, which improve the chronic inflammation microenvironments ...

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  • The Arabidopsis defensin gene, AtPDF1.1, mediates defence against Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum via an iron-withholding defence system.

    abstract::Plant defensins (PDFs) are cysteine-rich peptides that have a range of biological functions, including defence against fungal pathogens. However, little is known about their role in defence against bacteria. In this study, we showed that the protein encoded by ARABIDOPSIS THALIANA PLANT DEFENSIN TYPE 1.1 (AtPDF1.1) is...

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  • Whole genome sequencing for investigations of meningococcal outbreaks in the United States: a retrospective analysis.

    abstract::Although rare in the U.S., outbreaks due to Neisseria meningitidis do occur. Rapid, early outbreak detection is important for timely public health response. In this study, we characterized U.S. meningococcal isolates (N = 201) from 15 epidemiologically defined outbreaks (2009-2015) along with temporally and geographic...

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  • Optomechanical interface for probing matter-wave coherence.

    abstract::We combine matter-wave interferometry and cavity optomechanics to propose a coherent matter-light interface based on mechanical motion at the quantum level. We demonstrate a mechanism that is able to transfer non-classical features imprinted on the state of a matter-wave system to an optomechanical device, transducing...

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