Oesophageal screening during videofluoroscopy: International practices and perspectives of speech-language pathologists.


:Purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate international oesophageal screening (OS) practices during videofluoroscopy (VFS) amongst speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and to establish SLP perspectives regarding OS during VFS.Method: A 25-item online survey was developed and disseminated internationally. Respondents were SLPs with dysphagia and VFS experience. Information was sought on OS practices and perspectives. Descriptive statistics were used to analyse results.Result: A total of 202 SLPs completed the survey from USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Austria. Fifty-eight per cent (n = 117/202) of SLPs internationally include an OS during VFS. This rate varies across USA (81%; 91/113), UK (69%; 18/26) and Ireland (60%; 18/30). Only 25% (29/117) of SLPs use a validated OS protocol. Most SLPs perform an OS in an anterior-posterior view (55%; 64/117) with patients seated (54%; 64/117). Bolus consistencies administered vary greatly. SLPs evaluate oesophageal bolus clearance (81% (95/117), bolus redirection (64%; 75/117), oesophageal transit time (49%; 57/117) and oesophageal pathology (11%; 13/117). Perceived challenges include scope of practice, patient positioning, protocol uncertainty and multidisciplinary support.Conclusion: Over half of SLPs internationally responding to the survey include an OS during VFS. Few follow validated protocols and analysis practices vary. OS guidelines and training opportunities are needed to ensure validated OS protocols are adopted into clinical practice.


Regan J,Wiesinger T,Keane J,Walshe M




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