The MICELI (MICrofluidic, ELectrical, Impedance): Prototyping a Point-of-Care Impedance Platelet Aggregometer.


:As key cellular elements of hemostasis, platelets represent a primary target for thrombosis and bleeding management. Currently, therapeutic manipulations of platelet function (antithrombotic drugs) and count (platelet transfusion) are performed with limited or no real-time monitoring of the desired outcome at the point-of-care. To address the need, we have designed and fabricated an easy-to-use, accurate, and portable impedance aggregometer called "MICELI" (MICrofluidic, ELectrical, Impedance). It improves on current platelet aggregation technology by decreasing footprint, assay complexity, and time to obtain results. The current study aimed to optimize the MICELI protocol; validate sensitivity to aggregation agonists and key blood parameters, i.e., platelet count and hematocrit; and verify the MICELI operational performance as compared to commercial impedance aggregometry. We demonstrated that the MICELI aggregometer could detect platelet aggregation in 250 μL of whole blood or platelet-rich plasma, stimulated by ADP, TRAP-6, collagen, epinephrine, and calcium ionophore. Using hirudin as blood anticoagulant allowed higher aggregation values. Aggregation values obtained by the MICELI strongly correlated with platelet count and were not affected by hematocrit. The operational performance comparison of the MICELI and the Multiplate® Analyzer demonstrated strong correlation and similar interdonor distribution of aggregation values obtained between these devices. With the proven reliability of the data obtained by the MICELI aggregometer, it can be further translated into a point-of-care diagnostic device aimed at monitoring platelet function in order to guide pharmacological hemostasis management and platelet transfusions.


Int J Mol Sci


Roka-Moiia Y,Bozzi S,Ferrari C,Mantica G,Dimasi A,Rasponi M,Santoleri A,Scavone M,Consolo F,Cattaneo M,Slepian MJ,Redaelli A




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    abstract::In a recent study, we investigated the antimicrobial activity of a collection of resveratrol-derived monomers and dimers against a series of foodborne pathogens. Out of the tested molecules, dehydro-δ-viniferin and dehydro-ε-viniferin emerged as the most promising derivatives. To define the structural elements essenti...

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  • Proteomic Analysis of Quercetin-Treated K562 Cells.

    abstract::Among natural products under investigation for their additive potential in cancer prevention and treatment, the flavonoid quercetin has received attention for its effects on the cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. In the past, we addressed this issue in K562 cells, a cellular model of the human chronic myeloid leukemia. ...

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  • Proteomic Profiling of Colon Cancer Tissues: Discovery of New Candidate Biomarkers.

    abstract::Colon cancer is an aggressive tumor form with a poor prognosis. This study reports a comparative proteomic analysis performed by using two-dimensional differential in-gel electrophoresis (2D-DIGE) between 26 pooled colon cancer surgical tissues and adjacent non-tumoral tissues, to identify potential target proteins co...

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  • The Supramolecular Buildup of Eumelanin: Structures, Mechanisms, Controllability.

    abstract::Research on the supramolecular buildup of eumelanin has gained high momentum in the last years. Several new aspects regarding the involved structures and mechanisms have been established, which has led to a better understanding of the entire process. This review intends to provide a clearly laid-out summary of previou...

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  • Retrospective Study of Metastatic Melanoma and Renal Cell Carcinoma to the Brain with Multivariate Analysis of Prognostic Pre-Treatment Clinical Factors.

    abstract::Patients with brain metastasis from renal cell carcinoma (RCC) or melanoma have historically had very poor prognoses of less than one year. Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) can be an effective treatment for patients with these tumors. This study analyzes the effect of pretreatment prognostic factors on overall survival...

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