An interspecific variation in rhizosphere effects on soil anti-erodibility.


:Soil erosion due to underground leakage is a major factor causing land degradation in karst regions. Rhizosphere effects (REs) on soil anti-erodibility (SAE) can alleviate this type of soil erosion by improving soil physical processes such as aggregate stability. However, the magnitudes and causes of interspecific variation in REs on SAE remain unclear. We tested the rhizosphere SAE indices of 42 key woody species distributed worldwide. Biologically active matter (BAM) and analogs of antibiotics (AOAs) that affect the SAE in rhizosphere soils were tested by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). We then used principal component analysis (PCA) and redundancy analysis (RA) to establish a spectrum of interspecific variability in the REs for the first time. The spectrum shows a gradient of change among species. Eleven species exerted negative REs on the SAE, while the remaining species showed positive effects along the spectrum. The species with large positive effects were mostly deciduous, which have high contents of both BAM and total organic matter and low contents of AOAs in their rhizosphere soil; compared with the other species tested, these species also have more leaves and roots and are better adapted to barren soils. The botanical characteristics of species with negative REs on the SAE differed from those with large positive effects. The contents of BAM in the rhizosphere accounted for 16-23% of the total variation in REs on the SAE. This study quantified interspecific variation in REs and identified root exudates with negative REs.


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Wang Z,Chiarucci A,Fang H,Chen M




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2020-02-12 00:00:00












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