EEG microstates associated with intra- and inter-subject alpha variability.


:Variation of the magnitude of posterior alpha rhythm (8-12 Hz) has functional and behavioural effects in sensory processing and cognitive performances. Electrical brain activity, as revealed by electroencephalography (EEG), can be represented by a sequence of microstates of about 40-120 ms duration, in which distributed neural pools are synchronously active and generate stable spatial potential topographies on the scalp. Microstate dynamics may reflect transitions between global states characterized by selective inhibition of specific intra-cortical regions, mediated by alpha activity. We investigated the intra-subject and inter-subject relationship between microstate features and alpha band. High-density EEG signals were acquired in 29 healthy subjects during ten minutes of eyes closed rest. Individual EEG signal epochs were classified into four groups depending on the amount of occipital alpha power, and microstate metrics (duration, coverage and frequency of occurrence) were calculated and compared across groups. Correlations between alpha power and microstate metrics between individuals were also performed. To assess if microstate parameter variations are specific for the alpha band, the same analysis was also performed for theta and beta bands, as well as for global field power. We observed an increase in the metrics of microstate, previously associated to the visual system, with the level of intra-subject amplitude alpha oscillations, together with lower coverage of microstate associated with executive attention network and a higher frequency of microstate associated with task negative network. Other modulation effects of broad-band EEG power level on microstate metrics were observed. These effects are not specific for the alpha band, since they can equally be attributed to fluctuations in other frequency bands. We can interpret our results as a regulation mechanism mediated by posterior alpha level, dynamically interacting with other frequency bands, responsible for the switching between active areas.


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Croce P,Quercia A,Costa S,Zappasodi F




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  • The reunion of two lineages of the Neotropical brown stink bug on soybean lands in the heart of Brazil.

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