Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in patients hospitalized in medical wards: A real life experience.


:Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a preventable cause of morbidity and mortality in acutely ill patients hospitalized in medical departments. Thromboprophylaxis with anticoagulants was shown to be safe and effective in medical patients with high risk to develop VTE. Despite guidelines recommendations, the rate of thromboprophylaxis in those patients is low. The objective of the study was to evaluate the rate of VTE risk assessment in routine medical department practice, the rate of eligible patients for thromboprophylaxis, the rate of patients who received thromboprophylaxis, and their outcome.Medical records of consecutive patients (3000 at 2013, 1000 at 2018) hospitalized in medical department were reviewed, retrospectively, for demographic, clinical characteristics, thromboprophylaxis treatment with enoxaparin and outcome (up to 90 days following discharge). Padua score was used for VTE risk assessment. VTE diagnosis was based on clinical suspicion.The mean patient's age (52.6% females) was 67.95 ± 21.56 years. 21% were eligible for thromboprophylaxis. Routine VTE risk assessment rate increased significantly following its incorporation into quality parameters, but the rate of treated patients was low (22% at 2013; 46% at 2018). The patients who received thromophylaxis were sicker compared to eligible patients without thromboprophylaxis. The rate of symptomatic VTE was low (0.24%; 0.12% and 0.55% for low and high VTE risk, respectively). Thromboprophylaxis did not have significant effect on the low number of VTE events. No major bleeding was observed.Major efforts are still needed to increase the rate of thromboprophylaxis in all eligible medical patients according to the guidelines recommendations.


Medicine (Baltimore)




Mahlab-Guri K,Otman MS,Replianski N,Rosenberg-Bezalel S,Rabinovich I,Sthoeger Z




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