Novel polymorphism of HSP70 gene affected caprine physiological vital parameters.


:The synthesis of heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) is temperature-dependent and its response is considered as a cellular thermometer in response to thermal stress. The variation in HSP70 gene expression has been positively correlated with thermo-tolerance. Three different goat populations (Black Bengal, Ganjam and Raighar) which differ in body size, coat color and production performance were assessed for effect of thermal stress at different temperature humidity index (THI). The physiological vital parameters like rectal temperature (RT), skin temperature (ST), heart rate (HR) and respiration rate (RR) which are related to thermal stress susceptibility were recorded. The genetic variation of HSP70 gene in the three goat populations and its effect on physiological vital parameters related to thermal stress was assessed. A novel polymorphism (C241T) in the exonic region of HSP70 gene with significant (p < .05) statistical association with the physiological vital parameters like RT, ST and RR was identified indicating its role in thermo-tolerance.HighlightsThe HSP70 gene was found to be polymorphic in Indian goats.The non-synonymous nucleotide change (C241T) resulted change in amino acid Arginine 241 Cysteine in mature polypeptide which were not reported earlier.The constructed phylogenetic tree showed that Ganjam and Raighar goats are more close to each other.


Anim Biotechnol


Animal biotechnology


Mohalik PK,Sahoo SS,Mishra C,Dash SK,Nayak G




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2020-02-12 00:00:00








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  • Bovine Sex Determining Region Y: Cloning, Optimized Expression, and Purification.

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  • Partial cloning and expression of the bovine leptin gene.

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  • Genetic variation at the MHC in a population of introduced wild turkeys.

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  • Association between PCR-SSCP of bone morphogenetic protein 15 gene and prolificacy in Jining Grey goats.

    abstract::The Jining Grey is a prolific local goat breed in P.R. China. Bone morphogenetic protein 15 (BMP15) gene that controls high fecundity of Inverdale, Hanna, Lacaune, Belclare, Cambridge, and Small Tailed Han ewes was studied as a candidate gene for the prolificacy of Jining Grey goats. According to the sequence of ovine...

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  • Effect of in-straw thawing on in vitro- and in vivo-development of vitrified mouse morulae.

    abstract::For the purpose of ascertaining parameters to embryo transfer on some domestic animals, mouse morulae were used as a model to investigate the effect of in-straw thawing on in vitro and in vivo-development of vitrified embryos. Embryos were vitrified in 0.25 ml straws preloaded with dilution solution (0.5 M Sucrose) an...

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