Secreted Pyruvate Kinase M2 Promotes Lung Cancer Metastasis through Activating the Integrin Beta1/FAK Signaling Pathway.


:Cancer cell-derived secretomes have been documented to play critical roles in cancer progression. Intriguingly, alternative extracellular roles of intracellular proteins are involved in various steps of tumor progression, which can offer strategies to fight cancer. Herein, we identify lung cancer progression-associated secretome signatures using mass spectrometry analysis. Among them, PKM2 is verified to be highly expressed and secreted in lung cancer cells and clinical samples. Functional analyses demonstrates that secreted PKM2 facilitates tumor metastasis. Furthermore, mass spectrometry analysis and functional validation identify integrin β1 as a receptor of secreted PKM2. Mechanistically, secreted PKM2 directly bound to integrin β1 and subsequently activated the FAK/SRC/ERK axis to promote tumor metastasis. Collectively, our findings suggest that PKM2 is a potential serum biomarker for diagnosing lung cancer and that targeting the secreted PKM2-integrin β1 axis can inhibit lung cancer development, which provides evidence of a potential therapeutic strategy in lung cancer.


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Wang C,Zhang S,Liu J,Tian Y,Ma B,Xu S,Fu Y,Luo Y




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2020-02-11 00:00:00












  • GPS2 Deficiency Triggers Maladaptive White Adipose Tissue Expansion in Obesity via HIF1A Activation.

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  • The KRAB Zinc Finger Protein Roma/Zfp157 Is a Critical Regulator of Cell-Cycle Progression and Genomic Stability.

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  • Hyperactive Innate Immunity Causes Degeneration of Dopamine Neurons upon Altering Activity of Cdk5.

    abstract::Innate immunity is central to the pathophysiology of neurodegenerative disorders, but it remains unclear why immunity is altered in the disease state and whether changes in immunity are a cause or a consequence of neuronal dysfunction. Here, we identify a molecular pathway that links innate immunity to age-dependent l...

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  • Presenilin 2 Modulates Endoplasmic Reticulum-Mitochondria Coupling by Tuning the Antagonistic Effect of Mitofusin 2.

    abstract::Communication between organelles plays key roles in cell biology. In particular, physical and functional coupling of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and mitochondria is crucial for regulation of various physiological and pathophysiological processes. Here, we demonstrate that Presenilin 2 (PS2), mutations in which unde...

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  • Symmetry Breaking in an Edgeless Epithelium by Fat2-Regulated Microtubule Polarity.

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  • An in vivo chemical genetic screen identifies phosphodiesterase 4 as a pharmacological target for hedgehog signaling inhibition.

    abstract::Hedgehog (Hh) signaling plays an integral role in vertebrate development, and its dysregulation has been accepted widely as a driver of numerous malignancies. While a variety of small molecules target Smoothened (Smo) as a strategy for Hh inhibition, Smo gain-of-function mutations have limited their clinical implement...

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  • Activation of CDK4 Triggers Development of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

    abstract::The development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a multiple step process. Here, we show that activation of cdk4 triggers the development of NAFLD. We found that cdk4 protein levels are elevated in mouse models of NAFLD and in patients with fatty livers. This increase leads to C/EBPα phosphorylation on S...

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  • KAT2B Is Required for Pancreatic Beta Cell Adaptation to Metabolic Stress by Controlling the Unfolded Protein Response.

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  • Coreleased orexin and glutamate evoke nonredundant spike outputs and computations in histamine neurons.

    abstract::Stable wakefulness requires orexin/hypocretin neurons (OHNs) and OHR2 receptors. OHNs sense diverse environmental cues and control arousal accordingly. For unknown reasons, OHNs contain multiple excitatory transmitters, including OH peptides and glutamate. To analyze their cotransmission within computational framework...

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  • The RNA methyltransferase Dnmt2 is required for efficient Dicer-2-dependent siRNA pathway activity in Drosophila.

    abstract::Transfer RNA (tRNA) fragmentation in response to stress conditions has been described in many organisms. tRNA fragments have been found in association with small interfering RNA (siRNA) components, but the biological role of these interactions remains unclear. We report here that the tRNA methyltransferase Dnmt2 is es...

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  • Stage-specific regulation of reprogramming to induced pluripotent stem cells by Wnt signaling and T cell factor proteins.

    abstract::Wnt signaling is intrinsic to mouse embryonic stem cell self-renewal. Therefore, it is surprising that reprogramming of somatic cells to induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) is not strongly enhanced by Wnt signaling. Here, we demonstrate that active Wnt signaling inhibits the early stage of reprogramming to iPSCs, w...

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  • The Interaction of the Tumor Suppressor FAM46C with p62 and FNDC3 Proteins Integrates Protein and Secretory Homeostasis.

    abstract::FAM46C is a non-canonical poly(A) polymerase uniquely mutated in up to 20% of multiple myeloma (MM) patients, implying a tissue-specific tumor suppressor function. Here, we report that FAM46C selectively stabilizes mRNAs encoding endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-targeted proteins, thereby concertedly enhancing the expressio...

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  • Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing-Based CRISPRi Screening Resolves Molecular Drivers of Early Human Endoderm Development.

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  • EBI2 Is Highly Expressed in Multiple Sclerosis Lesions and Promotes Early CNS Migration of Encephalitogenic CD4 T Cells.

    abstract::Arrival of encephalitogenic T cells at inflammatory foci represents a critical step in development of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), the animal model for multiple sclerosis. EBI2 and its ligand, 7α,25-OHC, direct immune cell localization in secondary lymphoid organs. CH25H and CYP7B1 hydroxylate chol...

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  • Mechanistic Insights into Cofactor-Dependent Coupling of RNA Folding and mRNA Transcription/Translation by a Cobalamin Riboswitch.

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  • Developmental Origin of Oligodendrocyte Lineage Cells Determines Response to Demyelination and Susceptibility to Age-Associated Functional Decline.

    abstract::Oligodendrocyte progenitors (OPs) arise from distinct ventral and dorsal domains within the ventricular germinal zones of the embryonic CNS. The functional significance, if any, of these different populations is not known. Using dual-color reporter mice to distinguish ventrally and dorsally derived OPs, we show that, ...

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  • CD57+ Memory T Cells Proliferate In Vivo.

    abstract::A central paradigm in the field of lymphocyte biology asserts that replicatively senescent memory T cells express the carbohydrate epitope CD57. These cells nonetheless accumulate with age and expand numerically in response to persistent antigenic stimulation. Here, we use in vivo deuterium labeling and ex vivo analys...

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    authors: Ahmed R,Miners KL,Lahoz-Beneytez J,Jones RE,Roger L,Baboonian C,Zhang Y,Wang ECY,Hellerstein MK,McCune JM,Baird DM,Price DA,Macallan DC,Asquith B,Ladell K

    更新日期:2020-12-15 00:00:00

  • Synapsin III acts downstream of semaphorin 3A/CDK5 signaling to regulate radial migration and orientation of pyramidal neurons in vivo.

    abstract::Synapsin III (SynIII) is a phosphoprotein that is highly expressed at early stages of neuronal development. Whereas in vitro evidence suggests a role for SynIII in neuronal differentiation, in vivo evidence is lacking. Here, we demonstrate that in vivo downregulation of SynIII expression affects neuronal migration and...

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    authors: Perlini LE,Szczurkowska J,Ballif BA,Piccini A,Sacchetti S,Giovedì S,Benfenati F,Cancedda L

    更新日期:2015-04-14 00:00:00

  • Widespread Inhibition, Antagonism, and Synergy in Mouse Olfactory Sensory Neurons In Vivo.

    abstract::Sensory information is selectively or non-selectively enhanced and inhibited in the brain, but it remains unclear whether and how this occurs at the most peripheral level. Using in vivo calcium imaging of mouse olfactory bulb and olfactory epithelium in wild-type and mutant animals, we show that odors produce not only...

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    authors: Inagaki S,Iwata R,Iwamoto M,Imai T

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  • The Olfactory Logic behind Fruit Odor Preferences in Larval and Adult Drosophila.

    abstract::Despite the comprehensive knowledge on odor coding, our understanding of the relationship between sensory input and behavioral output in Drosophila remains weak. Here, we measure the behavioral responses generated by larval and adult flies in response to 34 fruit odors and find that larval preference for fruit odors d...

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  • A Batf3/Nlrp3/IL-18 Axis Promotes Natural Killer Cell IL-10 Production during Listeria monocytogenes Infection.

    abstract::The bacterial pathogen Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) capitalizes on natural killer (NK) cell production of regulatory interleukin (IL)-10 to establish severe systemic infections. Here, we identify regulators of this IL-10 secretion. We show that IL-18 signals to NK cells license their ability to produce IL-10. IL-18 act...

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  • A Single Templating RNA in Yeast Telomerase.

    abstract::The number of essential telomerase components in the active ribonucleoprotein (RNP) has important implications for its mechanism of action yet is by and large unknown. We report that two differentially tagged TLC1 RNAs endogenously expressed in a heterozygous diploid and simultaneously detected via multi-color fluores...

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  • Non-acylated Wnts Can Promote Signaling.

    abstract::Wnts are a family of 19 extracellular ligands that regulate cell fate, proliferation, and migration during metazoan embryogenesis and throughout adulthood. Wnts are acylated post-translationally at a conserved serine and bind the extracellular cysteine-rich domain (CRD) of Frizzled (FZD) seven-pass transmembrane recep...

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