Partial Inhibition of RNA Polymerase I Promotes Animal Health and Longevity.


:Health and survival in old age can be improved by changes in gene expression. RNA polymerase (Pol) I is the essential, conserved enzyme whose task is to generate the pre-ribosomal RNA (rRNA). We find that reducing the levels of Pol I activity is sufficient to extend lifespan in the fruit fly. This effect can be recapitulated by partial, adult-restricted inhibition, with both enterocytes and stem cells of the adult midgut emerging as important cell types. In stem cells, Pol I appears to act in the same longevity pathway as Pol III, implicating rRNA synthesis in these cells as the key lifespan determinant. Importantly, reduction in Pol I activity delays broad, age-related impairment and pathology, improving the function of diverse organ systems. Hence, our study shows that Pol I activity in the adult drives systemic, age-related decline in animal health and anticipates mortality.


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Martínez Corrales G,Filer D,Wenz KC,Rogan A,Phillips G,Li M,Feseha Y,Broughton SJ,Alic N




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  • Cannabinoid Modulation of Eukaryotic Initiation Factors (eIF2α and eIF2B1) and Behavioral Cross-Sensitization to Cocaine in Adolescent Rats.

    abstract::Reduced eukaryotic Initiation Factor 2 (eIF2)α phosphorylation (p-eIF2α) enhances protein synthesis, memory formation, and addiction-like behaviors. However, p-eIF2α has not been examined with regard to psychoactive cannabinoids and cross-sensitization. Here, we find that a cannabinoid receptor agonist (WIN 55,212-2 m...

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  • Poly(ADP-Ribose) Links the DNA Damage Response and Biomineralization.

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  • The Self-Inactivating KamiCas9 System for the Editing of CNS Disease Genes.

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  • RNASEK Is a V-ATPase-Associated Factor Required for Endocytosis and the Replication of Rhinovirus, Influenza A Virus, and Dengue Virus.

    abstract::Human rhinovirus (HRV) causes upper respiratory infections and asthma exacerbations. We screened multiple orthologous RNAi reagents and identified host proteins that modulate HRV replication. Here, we show that RNASEK, a transmembrane protein, was needed for the replication of HRV, influenza A virus, and dengue virus....

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  • Notch2 Signaling Maintains NSC Quiescence in the Murine Ventricular-Subventricular Zone.

    abstract::Neurogenesis continues in the ventricular-subventricular zone (V-SVZ) of the adult forebrain from quiescent neural stem cells (NSCs). V-SVZ NSCs are a reservoir for new olfactory bulb (OB) neurons that migrate through the rostral migratory stream (RMS). To generate neurons, V-SVZ NSCs need to activate and enter the ce...

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  • Synaptic Regulation of a Thalamocortical Circuit Controls Depression-Related Behavior.

    abstract::The NMDA receptor (NMDAR) antagonist ketamine elicits a long-lasting antidepressant response in patients with treatment-resistant depression. Understanding how antagonism of NMDARs alters synapse and circuit function is pivotal to developing circuit-based therapies for depression. Using virally induced gene deletion, ...

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  • Nontargeted Metabolomics Reveals the Multilevel Response to Antibiotic Perturbations.

    abstract::Microbes have shown a remarkable ability in evading the killing actions of antimicrobial agents, such that treatment of bacterial infections represents once more an urgent global challenge. Understanding the initial bacterial response to antimicrobials may reveal intrinsic tolerance mechanisms to antibiotics and sugge...

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    authors: Zampieri M,Zimmermann M,Claassen M,Sauer U

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  • Weight loss after gastric bypass surgery in human obesity remodels promoter methylation.

    abstract::DNA methylation provides a mechanism by which environmental factors can control insulin sensitivity in obesity. Here, we assessed DNA methylation in skeletal muscle from obese people before and after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB). Obesity was associated with altered expression of a subset of genes enriched in metabo...

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  • Detecting Microbial Dysbiosis Associated with Pediatric Crohn Disease Despite the High Variability of the Gut Microbiota.

    abstract::The relationship between the host and its microbiota is challenging to understand because both microbial communities and their environments are highly variable. We have developed a set of techniques based on population dynamics and information theory to address this challenge. These methods identify additional bacteri...

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  • ATP Citrate Lyase Regulates Myofiber Differentiation and Increases Regeneration by Altering Histone Acetylation.

    abstract::ATP citrate lyase (ACL) plays a key role in regulating mitochondrial function, as well as glucose and lipid metabolism in skeletal muscle. We report here that ACL silencing impairs myoblast and satellite cell (SC) differentiation, and it is accompanied by a decrease in fast myosin heavy chain isoforms and MYOD. Conver...

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  • Metalloprotease-Dependent Attenuation of BMP Signaling Restricts Cardiac Neural Crest Cell Fate.

    abstract::In higher vertebrates, cephalic neural crest cells (NCCs) form craniofacial skeleton by differentiating into chondrocytes and osteoblasts. A subpopulation of cephalic NCCs, cardiac NCCs (CNCCs), migrates to the heart. However, CNCCs mostly do not yield skeletogenic derivatives, and the molecular mechanisms of this fat...

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    authors: Arai HN,Sato F,Yamamoto T,Woltjen K,Kiyonari H,Yoshimoto Y,Shukunami C,Akiyama H,Kist R,Sehara-Fujisawa A

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  • In Vivo Functional Mapping of a Cortical Column at Single-Neuron Resolution.

    abstract::The cerebral cortex is organized in vertical columns that contain neurons with similar functions. The cellular micro-architecture of such columns is an essential determinant of brain dynamics and cortical information processing. However, a detailed understanding of columns is incomplete, even in the best studied corti...

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  • SIRT7 represses Myc activity to suppress ER stress and prevent fatty liver disease.

    abstract::Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is the most common chronic liver disorder in developed countries. Its pathogenesis is poorly understood, and therapeutic options are limited. Here, we show that SIRT7, an NAD(+)-dependent H3K18Ac deacetylase, functions at chromatin to suppress ER stress and prevent the development of f...

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  • HECTD3 Mediates an HSP90-Dependent Degradation Pathway for Protein Kinase Clients.

    abstract::Inhibition of the ATPase cycle of the HSP90 chaperone promotes ubiquitylation and proteasomal degradation of its client proteins, which include many oncogenic protein kinases. This provides the rationale for HSP90 inhibitors as cancer therapeutics. However, the mechanism by which HSP90 ATPase inhibition triggers ubiqu...

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  • PARTICLE, a Triplex-Forming Long ncRNA, Regulates Locus-Specific Methylation in Response to Low-Dose Irradiation.

    abstract::Exposure to low-dose irradiation causes transiently elevated expression of the long ncRNA PARTICLE (gene PARTICLE, promoter of MAT2A-antisense radiation-induced circulating lncRNA). PARTICLE affords both a cytosolic scaffold for the tumor suppressor methionine adenosyltransferase (MAT2A) and a nuclear genetic platform...

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  • BLM Potentiates c-Jun Degradation and Alters Its Function as an Oncogenic Transcription Factor.

    abstract::Mutations in BLM helicase predispose Bloom syndrome (BS) patients to a wide spectrum of cancers. We demonstrate that MIB1-ubiquitylated BLM in G1 phase functions as an adaptor protein by enhancing the binding of transcription factor c-Jun and its E3 ligase, Fbw7α. BLM enhances the K48/K63-linked ubiquitylation on c-Ju...

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    authors: Priyadarshini R,Hussain M,Attri P,Kaur E,Tripathi V,Priya S,Dhapola P,Saha D,Madhavan V,Chowdhury S,Sengupta S

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  • p73 Is Required for Multiciliogenesis and Regulates the Foxj1-Associated Gene Network.

    abstract::We report that p73 is expressed in multiciliated cells (MCCs), is required for MCC differentiation, and directly regulates transcriptional modulators of multiciliogenesis. Loss of ciliary biogenesis provides a unifying mechanism for many phenotypes observed in p73 knockout mice including hydrocephalus; hippocampal dys...

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    authors: Marshall CB,Mays DJ,Beeler JS,Rosenbluth JM,Boyd KL,Santos Guasch GL,Shaver TM,Tang LJ,Liu Q,Shyr Y,Venters BJ,Magnuson MA,Pietenpol JA

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  • Terminal Nerve GnRH3 Neurons Mediate Slow Avoidance of Carbon Dioxide in Larval Zebrafish.

    abstract::Escape responses to threatening stimuli are vital for survival in all animal species. Larval zebrafish display fast escape responses when exposed to tactile, acoustic, and visual stimuli. However, their behavioral responses to chemosensory stimuli remain unknown. In this study, we found that carbon dioxide (CO2) induc...

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  • HUWE1 ubiquitylates and degrades the RAC activator TIAM1 promoting cell-cell adhesion disassembly, migration, and invasion.

    abstract::The E3 ubiquitin ligase HUWE1, deregulated in carcinoma, has been implicated in tumor formation. Here, we uncover a role for HUWE1 in cell migration and invasion through degrading the RAC activator TIAM1, implying an additional function in malignant progression. In MDCKII cells in response to HGF, HUWE1 catalyzes TIAM...

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  • VEGF-A from Granuloma Macrophages Regulates Granulomatous Inflammation by a Non-angiogenic Pathway during Mycobacterial Infection.

    abstract::Many autoimmune and infectious diseases are characterized by the formation of granulomas which are inflammatory lesions that consist of spatially organized immune cells. These sites protect the host and control pathogens like Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), but are highly inflammatory and cause pathology. Using baci...

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  • Dead Cells Induce Innate Anergy via Mertk after Acute Viral Infection.

    abstract::Infections can result in a temporarily restricted unresponsiveness of the innate immune response, thereby limiting pathogen control. Mechanisms of such unresponsiveness are well studied in lipopolysaccharide tolerance; however, whether mechanisms of tolerance limit innate immunity during virus infection remains unknow...

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  • MERVL/Zscan4 Network Activation Results in Transient Genome-wide DNA Demethylation of mESCs.

    abstract::Mouse embryonic stem cells are dynamic and heterogeneous. For example, rare cells cycle through a state characterized by decondensed chromatin and expression of transcripts, including the Zscan4 cluster and MERVL endogenous retrovirus, which are usually restricted to preimplantation embryos. Here, we further character...

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    authors: Eckersley-Maslin MA,Svensson V,Krueger C,Stubbs TM,Giehr P,Krueger F,Miragaia RJ,Kyriakopoulos C,Berrens RV,Milagre I,Walter J,Teichmann SA,Reik W

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  • Interplay of Histone Marks with Serine ADP-Ribosylation.

    abstract::Serine ADP-ribosylation (Ser-ADPr) is a recently discovered protein modification that is catalyzed by PARP1 and PARP2 when in complex with the eponymous histone PARylation factor 1 (HPF1). In addition to numerous other targets, core histone tails are primary acceptors of Ser-ADPr in the DNA damage response. Here, we s...

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    authors: Bartlett E,Bonfiglio JJ,Prokhorova E,Colby T,Zobel F,Ahel I,Matic I

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  • Pressure-Driven Mitochondrial Transfer Pipeline Generates Mammalian Cells of Desired Genetic Combinations and Fates.

    abstract::Generating mammalian cells with desired mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequences is enabling for studies of mitochondria, disease modeling, and potential regenerative therapies. MitoPunch, a high-throughput mitochondrial transfer device, produces cells with specific mtDNA-nuclear DNA (nDNA) combinations by transferring iso...

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    authors: Patananan AN,Sercel AJ,Wu TH,Ahsan FM,Torres A Jr,Kennedy SAL,Vandiver A,Collier AJ,Mehrabi A,Van Lew J,Zakin L,Rodriguez N,Sixto M,Tadros W,Lazar A,Sieling PA,Nguyen TL,Dawson ER,Braas D,Golovato J,Cisneros L,V

    更新日期:2020-12-29 00:00:00

  • Dissecting Cell Lineage Specification and Sex Fate Determination in Gonadal Somatic Cells Using Single-Cell Transcriptomics.

    abstract::Sex determination is a unique process that allows the study of multipotent progenitors and their acquisition of sex-specific fates during differentiation of the gonad into a testis or an ovary. Using time series single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) on ovarian Nr5a1-GFP+ somatic cells during sex determination, we ide...

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    authors: Stévant I,Kühne F,Greenfield A,Chaboissier MC,Dermitzakis ET,Nef S

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  • Antibody Treatment of Ebola and Sudan Virus Infection via a Uniquely Exposed Epitope within the Glycoprotein Receptor-Binding Site.

    abstract::Previous efforts to identify cross-neutralizing antibodies to the receptor-binding site (RBS) of ebolavirus glycoproteins have been unsuccessful, largely because the RBS is occluded on the viral surface. We report a monoclonal antibody (FVM04) that targets a uniquely exposed epitope within the RBS; cross-neutralizes E...

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    authors: Howell KA,Qiu X,Brannan JM,Bryan C,Davidson E,Holtsberg FW,Wec AZ,Shulenin S,Biggins JE,Douglas R,Enterlein SG,Turner HL,Pallesen J,Murin CD,He S,Kroeker A,Vu H,Herbert AS,Fusco ML,Nyakatura EK,Lai JR,Keck ZY,

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  • Interplay between Extracellular Matrix Stiffness and JAM-A Regulates Mechanical Load on ZO-1 and Tight Junction Assembly.

    abstract::Tight-junction-regulated actomyosin activity determines epithelial and endothelial tension on adherens junctions and drives morphogenetic processes; however, whether or not tight junctions themselves are under tensile stress is not clear. Here, we use a tension sensor based on ZO-1, a scaffolding protein that links th...

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    authors: Haas AJ,Zihni C,Ruppel A,Hartmann C,Ebnet K,Tada M,Balda MS,Matter K

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  • Small-Molecule and CRISPR Screening Converge to Reveal Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Dependencies in Pediatric Rhabdoid Tumors.

    abstract::Cancer is often seen as a disease of mutations and chromosomal abnormalities. However, some cancers, including pediatric rhabdoid tumors (RTs), lack recurrent alterations targetable by current drugs and need alternative, informed therapeutic options. To nominate potential targets, we performed a high-throughput small-...

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    authors: Oberlick EM,Rees MG,Seashore-Ludlow B,Vazquez F,Nelson GM,Dharia NV,Weir BA,Tsherniak A,Ghandi M,Krill-Burger JM,Meyers RM,Wang X,Montgomery P,Root DE,Bieber JM,Radko S,Cheah JH,Hon CS,Shamji AF,Clemons PA,Park PJ

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  • Piwi Is a Key Regulator of Both Somatic and Germline Stem Cells in the Drosophila Testis.

    abstract::The Piwi-piRNA pathway is well known for its germline function, yet its somatic role remains elusive. We show here that Piwi is required autonomously not only for germline stem cell (GSC) but also for somatic cyst stem cell (CySC) maintenance in the Drosophila testis. Reducing Piwi activity in the testis caused defect...

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    authors: Gonzalez J,Qi H,Liu N,Lin H

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  • Follicular Regulatory T Cells Can Access the Germinal Center Independently of CXCR5.

    abstract::The germinal center (GC) response is critical for generating high-affinity humoral immunity and immunological memory, which forms the basis of successful immunization. Control of the GC response is thought to require follicular regulatory T (Tfr) cells, a subset of suppressive Foxp3+ regulatory T cells located within ...

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