Postoperative Complications have Minimal Impact on Long-Term Prognosis in Immunodeficient Patients with Esophageal Cancer.


BACKGROUND:Postoperative complications have been recognized to have an adverse prognostic impact in various types of cancer. However, in a recent study, it has been reported that postoperative complications of total gastrectomy with splenectomy have little impact on the long-term outcomes of patients with gastric cancer. In addition, the mechanisms underlying the effect of postoperative complications on outcomes remain to be elucidated. We hypothesized that immunosuppression by postoperative complications may affect long-term outcomes in patients with esophageal cancer. METHODS:In this retrospective study, we assessed in 153 patients with esophageal cancer who underwent curative subtotal esophagectomy at our hospital and examined the correlation between postoperative complications, and multiple clinicopathological factors, and long-term outcomes with the patients stratified by total lymphocyte count (TLC). RESULTS:The median preoperative TLC was 1432. A total of 115 patients (75.2%) had a TLC of ≥ 1000/μL (high TLC group), and the remaining 38 patients (24.8%) had a TLC of < 1000/μL (low TLC group). Postoperative complications occurred in 39 of 153 cases (25.5%). There was no significant correlation between postoperative complications and any of the clinicopathological factors in either group. In the high TLC group, patients with postoperative complications had significantly lower overall and disease-free survival rates compared with those without complications (p < 0.001 and p < 0.01, respectively). In the low TLC group, no survival difference between patients with and without postoperative complications was observed. CONCLUSIONS:Postoperative complications may have a minimal impact on long-term outcomes in immunodeficient patients.


Ann Surg Oncol


Maruyama S,Kawaguchi Y,Akaike H,Shoda K,Saito R,Shimizu H,Furuya S,Hosomura N,Amemiya H,Kawaida H,Sudo M,Inoue S,Kono H,Ichikawa D




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  • Simultaneous indocyanine green and (99m)Tc-antimony sulfur colloid-guided laparoscopic sentinel basin dissection for gastric cancer.

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  • Elevated expression of Girdin in the nucleus indicates worse prognosis for patients with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer.

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  • The Expression of Melanoma-Associated Antigen D2 Both in Surgically Resected and Serum Samples Serves as Clinically Relevant Biomarker of Gastric Cancer Progression.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Sensitive biomarkers are necessary for risk classification of patients with gastric cancer (GC), especially ones at risk of distant metastases. Melanoma-associated antigen (MAGE)-D2 has been reported to play a role in the process of cell adhesion and metastatic potential of tumor cells in colorectal cancer. ...

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  • Effectiveness of OK-432 (Sapylin) to reduce seroma formation after axillary lymphadenectomy for breast cancer.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The occurrence of seroma formation after axillary lymphadenectomy for breast cancer cannot be ignored. Various approaches have been used in an effort to reduce it, but these results are still controversial. We aimed to describe a new method of application of OK-432 (Sapylin, heat-treated Su strain of Strepto...

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  • Influence of surgical volume on outcome for laparoscopic hysterectomy for endometrial cancer.

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  • Clinicopathological Features and Outcomes in Individuals with Breast Cancer and ATM, CHEK2, or PALB2 Mutations.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:The moderate-penetrance germline mutations ATM, CHEK2, and PALB2 are implicated in an increased risk of the development of breast cancer. Whether these mutations provide clinical utility to guide treatment strategies and prognosis remains unknown. METHODS:A retrospective case-control study from a tertiary...

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  • Prognostic variables in invasive breast cancer: contribution of comedo versus noncomedo in situ component.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Many invasive breast cancers are accompanied by a variety of noninvasive components. Histological distinctions have been made between these components, but to understand their importance, it is essential to examine their molecular biology. METHODS:Proliferative indices, oncoproteins, and steroid receptor ex...

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  • Increased expression of ABCB6 enhances protoporphyrin IX accumulation and photodynamic effect in human glioma.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Glioma recurrence usually occurs close to the tumor resection margins as a result of residual infiltrating glioma cells. 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) fluorescence-guided resection of gliomas has been demonstrated to enhance discrimination of tumor tissue and to improve survival. ALA-based photodynamic therapy...

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  • Demonstration of second-tier lymph nodes during preoperative lymphoscintigraphy for melanoma: incidence varies with primary tumor site.

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  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy versus axillary lymphadenectomy in patients treated with lumpectomy: an analysis of short-term outcomes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) has been shown to reduce many of the long-term complications associated with a traditional axillary lymph node dissection (ALND); however, short-term outcomes have yet to be characterized. This study was designed to identify trends and differences in 30-day outcomes of parti...

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  • Clinical and socioeconomic factors influence treatment decisions in Graves' disease.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Definitive treatment of Graves' disease includes radioactive iodine (RAI) and thyroidectomy, but utilization varies. We hypothesize that, in addition to clinical reasons, there are socioeconomic factors that influence whether a patient undergoes thyroidectomy or RAI. METHODS:Patients treated for Graves' dis...

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  • Increasing the Number of Examined Lymph Nodes is a Prerequisite for Improvement in the Accurate Evaluation of Overall Survival of Node-Negative Gastric Cancer Patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:This study aims to elucidate whether increasing the number of examined lymph nodes (NELN) is mandatory for the accurate prognosis of node-negative gastric cancer (GC) patients after curative gastrectomy in Eastern countries (China and Japan). METHODS:The clinicopathological data of 2455 GC patients (includi...

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    abstract::Breast surgery has evolved as a subspecialty of general surgery and requires a working knowledge of benign and malignant diseases, surgical techniques, shared decision-making with patients, collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team, and a basic foundation in surgical ethics. Ethics is defined as the practice of ana...

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  • Population-Based Study on Risk Factors for Tumor-Positive Resection Margins in Patients with Gastric Cancer.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Radical gastrectomy is the cornerstone of the treatment of locally advanced gastric cancer. This study was designed to evaluate factors associated with a tumor-positive resection margin after gastrectomy and to evaluate the influence of hospital volume. METHODS:In this Dutch cohort study, patients with junc...

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  • Molecular imaging of tumor-associated angiogenesis using a novel magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent targeting αvβ 3 integrin.

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  • Changing the Default: A Prospective Study of Reducing Discharge Opioid Prescription after Lumpectomy and Sentinel Node Biopsy.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Whether routinely prescribed opioids are necessary for pain control after discharge among lumpectomy/sentinel node biopsy (Lump/SLNB) patients is unclear. We hypothesize that Lump/SLNB patients could be discharged without opioids, with a failure rate < 10%. This study prospectively examines outcomes after ch...

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  • Cure model survival analysis after hepatic resection for colorectal liver metastases.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Statistical cure is achieved when a patient population has the same mortality as cancer-free individuals; however, data regarding the probability of cure after hepatectomy of colorectal liver metastases (CLM) have never been provided. We aimed to assess the probability of being statistically cured from CLM b...

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  • Profiling Surgeon Performance for Breast Cancer Lumpectomy by Composite Measurement of Reoperations, Cosmetic Outcomes, and Patient Preferences.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Patients want information to search for destination of care for breast-conserving surgery (BCS). To inform patients wanting a lumpectomy, we aimed to develop a pilot project that communicated composite quality measure (QM) results using a '4-star' rating system. Two patient-centered QMs were included in the ...

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    authors: Dunham AL,Ramirez LD,Vang CA,Linebarger JH,Landercasper J

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  • Experience of pediatric osteosarcoma of the extremity at a single institution in Taiwan: prognostic factors and impact on survival.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To identify the prognostic factors and evaluate the impact of chemotherapy regimens on the outcomes of pediatric osteosarcoma of the extremities. METHODS:Patients younger than 18 years and diagnosed with high-grade osteosarcoma of the extremities during the period between January 2004 and December 2011 were in...

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  • Resection Margins in Merkel Cell Carcinoma: Is a 1-cm Margin Wide Enough?

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Guidelines regarding specific resection margins for primary Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) are not well established. The current National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines recommend 1- to 2-cm resection margins. This study aimed to determine the impact of margin width on local recurrence (LR), dise...

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  • Adjuvant therapy with capecitabine postpones recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma after curative resection: a randomized controlled trial.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Postoperative recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a major problem after surgical resection. To date, adjuvant chemotherapy or other adjuvant modalities have not been proven effective in preventing or delaying recurrence. The aim of this prospective randomized study was to evaluate the effectivene...

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  • Cetuximab shows activity in colorectal cancer patients with tumors for which FISH analysis does not detect an increase in EGFR gene copy number.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) gene gain assessed by FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) has been shown to be predictive of response to EGFR-targeted therapies in patients with non-small cell lung cancer. The aim or our study was to relate the EGFR gene copy number to therapeutic results in pa...

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    authors: Italiano A,Follana P,Caroli FX,Badetti JL,Benchimol D,Garnier G,Gugenheim J,Haudebourg J,Keslair F,Lesbats G,Lledo G,Roussel JF,Pedeutour F,François E

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  • Efficacy of Talimogene Laherparepvec (T-VEC) Therapy in Patients with In-Transit Melanoma Metastasis Decreases with Increasing Lesion Size.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Talimogene laherparepvec (T-VEC) is the first injectable oncolytic viral therapy approved for in-transit melanoma metastasis, with a reported overall response rate (ORR) of 25% and complete response rate (CRR) of 10%. To ascertain the role of patient selection on outcomes in routine practice, we evaluated th...

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