Comparative biological properties of the four stereoisomers of difethialone, a second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide, in rats: development of a model allowing to choose the appropriate stereoisomeric ratio.


:The current management of rodent pest populations is based on second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGAR). These molecules, of which difethialone is part, are much more efficient than the first generation. Nevertheless, this efficiency comes with a major drawback, SGARs are tissue persistent that increases the exposure of rodent predators to them. According to its chemical structure, difethialone has four stereoisomers, whose specific inhibition potency and pharmacokinetic have never been described and might be useful to design new eco-friendly rodenticides. The study aimed to investigate the ability to inhibit anticoagulant target enzyme (VKORC1) and the pharmacokinetics in rats of the four difethialone stereoisomers in rats. We show that stereoisomers are all highly efficient to inhibit VKORC1 activity, but they have distinct initial half-life with 6.0 h, 25.4 h, 69.3 h, and 82.3 h for, respectively, E4-trans, E2-cis, E1-trans, and E3-cis stereoisomer. These results open the way of the development of eco-friendly and efficient rodenticide by mixing some of these stereoisomers. Preferential incorporation of the E4-trans stereoisomer (high inhibitory VKORC1 potency, relatively shorter liver half-life) into difethialone rodenticides baits might result in a more eco-friendly product than current commercially available difethialone formulations. In addition, we put forward modelling to help design bait according to the circumstance of use (presence of non-target species, food competition, etc.) by modulating the theorical AUC and and the theorical concentration of the product at the death of the rodent pest. Thus, this modeling might allow to diminish the use of laboratory animal in assay.


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Lefebvre S,Fourel I,Chatron N,Caruel H,Benoit E,Lattard V




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  • Determination of urinary thymidine glycol using affinity chromatography, HPLC and post-column reaction detection: a biomarker of oxidative DNA damage upon kidney transplantation.

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    abstract::Cadmium (Cd), a highly toxic heavy metal, is distributed widely in the general environment of today. The characteristic clinical manifestations of chronic Cd intoxication include renal proximal tubular dysfunction, general osteomalacia with severe pains, and anemia. We have recently reported that the serum level of er...

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  • miR-138-1* regulates aflatoxin B1-induced malignant transformation of BEAS-2B cells by targeting PDK1.

    abstract::Environmental carcinogens-induced lung cancer and potential mechanisms have attracted widespread attention. Currently, microRNAs (miRNAs) have been recognized as key players in development of cancer, among which guide strand of miRNA has been well documented rather than its passenger strand (miRNA*). Our previous stud...

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  • Teratogenic effects of nitroimidazopyridazine on the CNS in fetal Wistar (WU) rats.

    abstract::Teratogenic effects caused by a new nitroimidazopyridazine were examined in Wistar (WU) rats after repeated oral administration of 0, 2.5, 10, and 40 mg/kg, given on days 6-17 post coitum (p.c.) (Day of mating = Day 0) in a regular study on embryo-fetal development according to ICH S5A. At day 20 p.c., fetuses were re...

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