A Fast and Sensitive Luciferase-based Assay for Antibody Engineering and Design of Chimeric Antigen Receptors.


:Success of immunotherapeutic approaches using genetically engineered antibodies and T cells modified with chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) depends, among other things, on the selection of antigen binding domains with desirable expression and binding characteristics. We developed a luciferase-based assay, termed Malibu-Glo Assay, which streamlines the process of optimization of an antigen binding domain with desirable properties and allows the sensitive detection of tumor antigens. The assay involves a recombinant immunoconjugate, termed Malibu-Glo reagent, comprising an immunoglobulin or a non-immunoglobulin based antigen binding domain genetically linked to a marine luciferase. Malibu-Glo reagent can be conveniently produced in mammalian cells as a secreted protein that retains the functional activity of both the antigen binding domain and the luciferase. Moreover, crude supernatant containing the secreted Malibu-Glo reagent can directly be used for detection of cell surface antigens obviating the laborious steps of protein purification and labeling. We further demonstrate the utility of Malibu-Glo assay for the selection of optimal single chain fragment variables (scFvs) with desired affinity characteristics for incorporation into CARs. In summary, Malibu-Glo assay is a fast, simple, sensitive, specific and economical assay for antigen detection with multiple applications in the fields of antibody engineering, antibody humanization and CAR-T cell therapy.


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Natarajan V,Gopalakrishnan R,Matta H,Choi S,Gong S,Jeronimo A,Keerthipati PS,Morales A,Venkatesh H,Chaudhary PM




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  • C-terminal short arginine/serine repeat sequence-dependent regulation of Y14 (RBM8A) localization.

    abstract::Y14 (RBM8A) is an RNA recognition motif-containing protein that forms heterodimers with MAGOH and serves as a core factor of the RNA surveillance machinery for the exon junction complex (EJC). The role of the Y14 C-terminal serine/arginine (RS) repeat-containing region, which has been reported to undergo modifications...

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