Single-pass transformation of syngas into ethanol with high selectivity by triple tandem catalysis.


:Synthesis of ethanol from non-petroleum carbon resources via syngas (a mixture of H2 and CO) is an important but challenging research target. The current conversion of syngas to ethanol suffers from low selectivity or multiple processes with high energy consumption. Here, we report a high-selective conversion of syngas into ethanol by a triple tandem catalysis. An efficient trifunctional tandem system composed of potassium-modified ZnO-ZrO2, modified zeolite mordenite and Pt-Sn/SiC working compatibly in syngas stream in one reactor can afford ethanol with a selectivity of 90%. We demonstrate that the K+-ZnO-ZrO2 catalyses syngas conversion to methanol and the mordenite with eight-membered ring channels functions for methanol carbonylation to acetic acid, which is then hydrogenated to ethanol over the Pt-Sn/SiC catalyst. The present work offers an effective methodology leading to high selective conversion by decoupling a single-catalyst-based complicated and uncontrollable reaction into well-controlled multi-steps in tandem in one reactor.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Kang J,He S,Zhou W,Shen Z,Li Y,Chen M,Zhang Q,Wang Y




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2020-02-11 00:00:00












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  • Mnemonic prediction errors bias hippocampal states.

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  • Self-similarity of contact line depinning from textured surfaces.

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  • Cryopreservation of infectious Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts.

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  • Memory formation and long-term maintenance of IL-7Rα+ ILC1s via a lymph node-liver axis.

    abstract::Natural killer (NK) cells are reported to have immunological memory, with CD49a+ liver-resident NK cells shown to confer hapten-specific memory responses, but how this memory is induced or maintained is unclear. Here we show that memory type I innate lymphoid cells (ILC1s), which express IL-7Rα, are generated in the l...

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  • Fish mouths as engineering structures for vortical cross-step filtration.

    abstract::Suspension-feeding fishes such as goldfish and whale sharks retain prey without clogging their oral filters, whereas clogging is a major expense in industrial crossflow filtration of beer, dairy foods and biotechnology products. Fishes' abilities to retain particles that are smaller than the pore size of the gill-rake...

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  • Characterization of a dual function macrocyclase enables design and use of efficient macrocyclization substrates.

    abstract::Peptide macrocycles are promising therapeutic molecules because they are protease resistant, structurally rigid, membrane permeable, and capable of modulating protein-protein interactions. Here, we report the characterization of the dual function macrocyclase-peptidase enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of the highly...

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  • Engineering and elucidation of the lipoinitiation process in nonribosomal peptide biosynthesis.

    abstract::Nonribosomal peptide synthetases containing starter condensation domains direct the biosynthesis of nonribosomal lipopeptides, which generally exhibit wide bioactivities. The acyl chain has strong impacts on bioactivity and toxicity, but the lack of an in-depth understanding of starter condensation domain-mediated lip...

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  • Src family kinases Fyn and Lyn are constitutively activated and mediate plasmacytoid dendritic cell responses.

    abstract::Plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDC) are type I interferon-producing cells with critical functions in a number of human illnesses; however, their molecular regulation is incompletely understood. Here we show the role of Src family kinases (SFK) in mouse and human pDCs. pDCs express Fyn and Lyn and their activating resid...

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