First endocavitary treatment with cord blood platelet gel for perianal fistula.


:Cord blood platelet gel is prepared by activation of coagulation in a platelet concentrate obtained from cord blood. During the process of clot formation, platelet alpha-granules release growth factors that promote tissue repair. However, in the form of gel, it is not possible to inject it into small, narrow and deep cavities. Therefore, we analyzed gelification kinetics and developed an application technique of platelet gel in liquid form. This semi-activated form provides for the activation of the coagulation process but not the gelification of the platelet concentrate. In this way, it can be easily inoculated in an endocavitary space, and then complete in vivo the gelification process. We report the successful use of this procedure to heal a recurrent perianal fistula.


Regen Med


Regenerative medicine


Bisceglia G,Santodirocco M,Faienza A,Mastrodonato N,Urbano F,Totaro A,Bazzocchi F,Mauro LD




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