Leisure-Time Physical Inactivity's Association With Environmental, Demographic, and Lifestyle Factors in the United States.


BACKGROUND:This study examined the effects of environmental, demographic, and lifestyle factors on leisure-time physical inactivity (LTPI). METHODS:Analyses were based on county-level data in the contiguous United States. Statistical methods included simple regression, univariate, and multivariate 2-level organizational models (mixed models), and the intraclass correlation coefficient. RESULTS:Higher average daily maximum air temperature was directly and indirectly (through smoking and obesity) positively associated with LTPI. Higher average fine particulate matter was positively associated with LTPI. Higher precipitation was negatively associated with LTPI. Altitude (≥1500 m) was associated with lower LTPI, directly because of better physical health at higher altitude and indirectly through temperature, fine particulate matter, precipitation, poverty, smoking, and obesity. Urban dwelling had direct and indirect (through poverty) negative associations with LTPI. Poverty had direct and indirect (through smoking and obesity) associations with LTPI. Smoking, poverty, and black race were each positively associated with LTPI. The association between black race and LTPI was explained by poverty. Modifying influences of gender, precipitation, and altitude were identified. CONCLUSIONS:The significant effects of temperature, fine particulate matter, precipitation, altitude, urban dwelling, poverty, smoking, and obesity on LTPI were both direct and indirect, and sex, precipitation, and altitude modified many of these associations.


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  • Physician communication and physical activity among Latinas.

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  • Process Evaluation Results From an Intergenerational Physical Activity Intervention for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.

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  • Cognitive function during low-intensity walking: a test of the treadmill workstation.

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  • The Association Between Exergaming and Physical Activity in Young Adults.

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  • Social Support and Leisure-Time Physical Activity Among the Elderly: A Population-Based Study.

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  • Required Health and Wellness Courses: Associations With College Student Physical Activity Behavior and Attitudes.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess the extent to which college student physical activity behaviors and attitudes are associated with enrollment in required, but self-selected, health and wellness courses. PARTICIPANTS:Data were analyzed from 1473 undergraduate students (60% women) taking health and wellness courses at a large northe...

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  • Electronic media exposure and its association with activity-related outcomes in female adolescents: cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Few investigations have assessed in adolescent girls the cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between elevated exposure to electronic media (EM) and activity-related outcomes such as compliance with physical activity (PA) standards or cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF). METHODS:Four-hundred thirty-sev...

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  • Physical Activity and Children in Care: A Scoping Review of Barriers, Facilitators, and Policy for Disadvantaged Youth.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:It is argued that regular engagement in physical activity (PA) has the potential to mitigate the negative health and educational outcomes that disadvantaged children living in care frequently face. However, little is currently known about children in care's participation in PA. This scoping review primarily ...

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