Leisure-Time Physical Inactivity's Association With Environmental, Demographic, and Lifestyle Factors in the United States.


BACKGROUND:This study examined the effects of environmental, demographic, and lifestyle factors on leisure-time physical inactivity (LTPI). METHODS:Analyses were based on county-level data in the contiguous United States. Statistical methods included simple regression, univariate, and multivariate 2-level organizational models (mixed models), and the intraclass correlation coefficient. RESULTS:Higher average daily maximum air temperature was directly and indirectly (through smoking and obesity) positively associated with LTPI. Higher average fine particulate matter was positively associated with LTPI. Higher precipitation was negatively associated with LTPI. Altitude (≥1500 m) was associated with lower LTPI, directly because of better physical health at higher altitude and indirectly through temperature, fine particulate matter, precipitation, poverty, smoking, and obesity. Urban dwelling had direct and indirect (through poverty) negative associations with LTPI. Poverty had direct and indirect (through smoking and obesity) associations with LTPI. Smoking, poverty, and black race were each positively associated with LTPI. The association between black race and LTPI was explained by poverty. Modifying influences of gender, precipitation, and altitude were identified. CONCLUSIONS:The significant effects of temperature, fine particulate matter, precipitation, altitude, urban dwelling, poverty, smoking, and obesity on LTPI were both direct and indirect, and sex, precipitation, and altitude modified many of these associations.


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  • Maturity associated variance in physical activity and health-related quality of life in adolescent females: a mediated effects model.

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  • Validity of ActiGraph 2-regression model, Matthews cut-points, and NHANES cut-points for assessing free-living physical activity.

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  • Step-counter determined walking in youth in Colorado.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Results from a statewide telephone survey of walking showed that the average adult in Colorado takes 6804 steps/d, and that steps/d were negatively associated with body mass index. No similar data exist for children. METHODS:As part of the Colorado survey, demographic information was obtained from parents f...

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  • Tracking the commute home from school utilizing GPS and heart rate monitoring: establishing the contribution to free-living physical activity.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Active school commuting is widely regarded as a key opportunity for youth to participate in physical activity (PA). However, the accurate measurement of the commute home from school and its contribution to total free-living moderate-to-vigorous PA (MVPA) is relatively unexplored. METHODS:Seventy-five adoles...

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  • What are the benefits of a commercial exergaming platform for college students? Examining physical activity, enjoyment, and future intentions.

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:To investigate the mediation effects of physical activity (PA) on the relationship between the perceived neighborhood aesthetic environment and overweight/obesity in free-living South Africans. METHODS:A cross-sectional study of 671 adults aged ≥ 35 years was analyzed. PA was assessed using the validated In...

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  • Quantifying physical activity in physical education via pedometry: a further analysis of steps/min guidelines.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The validity of common pedometer steps/min guidelines for 1st-12th grade physical education physical activity (PA) recommendations (ie, 33% and 50% PA) was investigated. METHODS:Data sets from previous research, where physical education PA was quantified via pedometry, were combined. Participants (1st-12th ...

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  • Increase in Daily Steps After an Exercise Specialist Led Lifestyle Intervention for Adults With Type 2 Diabetes In Primary Care: A Controlled Implementation Trial.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine the effectiveness of an exercise specialist led lifestyle program for adults with type 2 diabetes in primary care. METHODS:Eligible participants from 4 primary care networks in Alberta, Canada were assigned to either a lifestyle program or a control group. The program targeted increased daily wa...

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  • Development and validation of a new self-report instrument for measuring sedentary behaviors and light-intensity physical activity in adults.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Low levels of physical activity and high levels of sedentary behavior (SB) are major public health concerns. This study was designed to develop and validate the 7-day Sedentary (S) and Light Intensity Physical Activity (LIPA) Log (7-day SLIPA Log), a self-report measure of specific daily behaviors. METHOD:T...

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  • Changes in Leisure-Time Physical Activity and Subsequent Sickness Absence Due to Any Cause, Musculoskeletal, and Mental Causes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The association between changes in physical activity and sickness absence is poorly understood. The aim of this study was to examine the association between changes in leisure-time physical activity and long-term sickness absence due to any cause and musculoskeletal and mental causes. METHODS:We measured ph...

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