Preparation of a multi-modal agent for sentinel lymph node mapping using Evans blue and 99mTc-labeled mannosylated human serum albumin conjugate.


INTRODUCTION:The identification of sentinel lymph nodes (SLNs) is important in deciding the resection range during surgery. 99mTc-labeled mannosylated human serum albumin ([99mTc]Tc-MSA) is a radiopharmaceutical developed for SLN detection by targeting macrophages. Evans blue (EB) is a blue dye binding strongly to albumin and has been used for SLN detection. [99mTc]Tc-MSA-EB conjugate was prepared as a multi-modal imaging agent and tested its performance by visual investigation, fluorescence imaging and SPECT/CT for SLN mapping in mice. METHODS:EB was mixed with various concentration of MSA to prepare MSA-EB conjugates. The binding efficiencies were determined using thin-layer chromatography. The UV-VIS spectra and molar extinction coefficient of the conjugate were obtained. The fluorescence was monitored at the excitation wavelength range 420-780 nm and the emission wavelength range 520-845 nm. The [99mTc]Tc-MSA-EB conjugate and EB were injected into the footpads of normal BALB/c mice to check the lymph node (LN) uptakes. The visible, fluorescence, and SPECT/CT images were obtained after injection. RESULTS:The conjugation of EB with MSA increased by time and was saturated within 10 min. The molar extinction coefficient of the conjugate was 99,259.3/M/cm at 620 nm. The uptake of conjugate into the popliteal LN after injection into the footpads of mice was investigated visually and fluorescence imaging. SPECT/CT images showed that the standardized uptake values of [99mTc]Tc-MSA-EB conjugate in popliteal LN were about 4 times higher than in sciatic LN at all timepoints. It was confirmed by investigating resected LN that the blue color, fluorescence, and radioactivity of the [99mTc]Tc-MSA-EB conjugate were retained only on the LN and did not spread to adjoining tissues. CONCLUSION:[99mTc]Tc-MSA-EB conjugate has a great potential as a multi-modal SLN mapping agent which could be detected by visual investigation, fluorescence imaging, and SPECT/CT.


Nucl Med Biol


Lee JY,Kim HY,Lee YS,Seo HY,Park JY,Jeong JM




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    abstract::The serotonin2A (5-HT2A) receptor is implicated in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia and mood disorders, and in vivo studies of this receptor would be of value in studying the pathophysiology of these disorders and in measuring the relationship of clinical response to receptor occupancy for 5-HT2A antagonists such ...

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