Isolation, structural characterization and bioactivities of polysaccharides and its derivatives from Auricularia-A review.


:Auricularia mushrooms are known for their bioactive compounds, mostly polysaccharides, which have numerous biological activities, such as antioxidant, antitumor, immunomodulatory, hyperlipidemic, antidiabetic, anticoagulant and hepatoprotective effects. Over the past decades, there has been a consistent focus on the isolation, chemical properties and bioactivities of polysaccharides from Auricularia. This review will cover what is known about Auricularia polysaccharides (AP) especially for several common species, including A. auricula-judae, A. auricula, A. polytricha, and A. cornea var. Li. The isolation and purifications, structural characterizations, chemical modifications, and biological activities of these AP and their derivatives will be discussed, thus to provide a foundation for the further investigation, production, and application of AP as functional foods and therapeutic agents.


Int J Biol Macromol


Miao J,Regenstein JM,Qiu J,Zhang J,Zhang X,Li H,Zhang H,Wang Z




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2020-05-01 00:00:00












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  • Molecular mechanisms of immunomodulatory activity by polysaccharide isolated from the peels of Citrus unshiu.

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  • Thermodynamics of a Ca2+ dependent, highly thermostable and detergent compatible purified alkaline serine protease from Nocardiopsis xinjiangensis strain OM-6.

    abstract::Extracellular alkaline protease producing salt tolerant alkaliphilic actinobacteria, Nocardiopsis xinjiangensis strain OM-6 was isolated from Okha Madi (OM) site of coastal Gujarat, India. The purified protease was stable even at 70°C in 100mM Ca2+ with Kd=20×10-3 and t1/2=34min. The activation energies (E), enthalpy ...

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  • Extraction, purification and anti-osteoporotic activity of a polysaccharide from Epimedium brevicornum Maxim. in vitro.

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  • Hybrid chitosan-TiO2/ZnS prepared under mild conditions with visible-light driven photocatalytic activity.

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  • Implications for glycosylated compounds and their anti-cancer effects.

    abstract::Glycosylated compounds are major secondary metabolites of plants, which have various therapeutic effects on human diseases, by acting as anti-cancer, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory agents. Glycosylation increases stability, bioactivity, and solubility of compounds and improves their pharmacological properties. Two...

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  • A systematic evaluation of hydroxyethyl starch as a potential nanocarrier for parenteral drug delivery.

    abstract::Development of parenteral nanoformulations is highly challenging due to the stringent demands on stability, reproducibility and high drug loading with minimal excipients. This study focuses on the development of a pharmaceutically acceptable nanomatrix system for parenteral delivery based on Hydroxyethyl Starch (HES),...

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  • Particles of liquid-crystalline dispersions formed by (nucleic acid-rare earth element) complexes as a potential platform for neutron capture therapy.

    abstract::Microscopic size particles of the cholesteric double-stranded DNA (RNA) liquid-crystalline dispersions, containing the ions of the rare earth elements in their content, have been obtained for the first time. The properties of these particles differ from those of classical DNA cholesterics noticeably. The local concent...

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  • Interaction of heat shock protein 90 B1 (Hsp90B1) with liposome reveals its potential role in protection the integrity of lipid membranes.

    abstract::Heat shock proteins of 90kDa (Hsp90) are molecular chaperones essential for protein homeostasis. Besides chaperone activity, Hsp90 exhibits other cellular functions at membranes, yet how it interacts with membranes remains elusive. We report here that Hsp90B1 interacts with phospholipid membranes. We first cloned the ...

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