Signature mRNA markers in extracellular vesicles for the accurate diagnosis of colorectal cancer.


Background:With the increasing incidence of colorectal cancer (CRC), its accurate diagnosis is critical and in high demand. However, conventional methods are not ideal due to invasiveness and low accuracy. Herein, we aimed to identify efficient CRC mRNA markers in a non-invasive manner using CRC-derived extracellular vesicles (EVs). The expression levels of EV mRNAs from cancer cell lines were compared with those of a normal cell line using quantitative polymerase chain reaction. Eight markers were evaluated in plasma EVs from CRC patients and healthy controls. The diagnostic value of each marker, individually or in combination, was then determined using recessive operating characteristics analyses and the Mann-Whitney U test. Results:Eight mRNA markers (MYC, VEGF, CDX2, CD133, CEA, CK19, EpCAM, and CD24) were found to be more abundant in EVs derived from cancer cell lines compared to control cell lines. A combination of VEGF and CD133 showed the highest sensitivity (100%), specificity (80%), and accuracy (93%) and an area under the curve of 0.96; hence, these markers were deemed to be the CRC signature. Moreover, this signature was found to be highly expressed in CRC-derived EVs compared to healthy controls. Conclusions:VEGF and CD133 mRNAs comprise a unique CRC signature in EVs that has the potential to act as a novel, non-invasive, and accurate biomarker that would improve the current diagnostic platform for CRC, while also serving to strengthen the value of EV mRNA as diagnostic markers for myriad of diseases.


J Biol Eng


Cha BS,Park KS,Park JS




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2020-02-04 00:00:00










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  • Current trends in biomarker discovery and analysis tools for traumatic brain injury.

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  • Temperature dependence of ssrA-tag mediated protein degradation.

    abstract:: : Building synthetic gene networks with highly transient dynamics requires rapid protein degradation. We show that the degradation conferred by two commonly used ssrA tags is highly temperature dependent. Synthetic gene networks are being used increasingly in real-world applications where they may be subjected to va...

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  • Immunological challenges associated with artificial skin grafts: available solutions and stem cells in future design of synthetic skin.

    abstract::The repair or replacement of damaged skins is still an important, challenging public health problem. Immune acceptance and long-term survival of skin grafts represent the major problem to overcome in grafting given that in most situations autografts cannot be used. The emergence of artificial skin substitutes provides...

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  • Construction and characterization of a synthetic Baculovirus-inducible 39K promoter.

    abstract:Background:Silkworm genetic engineering is widely used in gene function, silk engineering and disease-resistant engineering in most of Asia. Some of the earliest promoter elements are used to control the development of silkworm transgenic expression and gene therapy. However, the low expression and specificity of natur...

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