Development of a covalent inhibitor of gut bacterial bile salt hydrolases.


:Bile salt hydrolase (BSH) enzymes are widely expressed by human gut bacteria and catalyze the gateway reaction leading to secondary bile acid formation. Bile acids regulate key metabolic and immune processes by binding to host receptors. There is an unmet need for a potent tool to inhibit BSHs across all gut bacteria to study the effects of bile acids on host physiology. Here, we report the development of a covalent pan-inhibitor of gut bacterial BSHs. From a rationally designed candidate library, we identified a lead compound bearing an alpha-fluoromethyl ketone warhead that modifies BSH at the catalytic cysteine residue. This inhibitor abolished BSH activity in conventional mouse feces. Mice gavaged with a single dose of this compound displayed decreased BSH activity and decreased deconjugated bile acid levels in feces. Our studies demonstrate the potential of a covalent BSH inhibitor to modulate bile acid composition in vivo.


Nat Chem Biol


Nature chemical biology


Adhikari AA,Seegar TCM,Ficarro SB,McCurry MD,Ramachandran D,Yao L,Chaudhari SN,Ndousse-Fetter S,Banks AS,Marto JA,Blacklow SC,Devlin AS




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  • Lipid droplets can promote drug accumulation and activation.

    abstract::Genetic screens in cultured human cells represent a powerful unbiased strategy to identify cellular pathways that determine drug efficacy, providing critical information for clinical development. We used insertional mutagenesis-based screens in haploid cells to identify genes required for the sensitivity to lasonolide...

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  • Allosteric inhibition of kinesin-5 modulates its processive directional motility.

    abstract::Small-molecule inhibitors of kinesin-5 (refs. 1-3), a protein essential for eukaryotic cell division, represent alternatives to antimitotic agents that target tubulin. While tubulin is needed for multiple intracellular processes, the known functions of kinesin-5 are limited to dividing cells, making it likely that kin...

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