Guanine crystals regulated by chitin-based honeycomb frameworks for tunable structural colors of sapphirinid copepod, Sapphirina nigromaculata.


:Sapphirinid copepods, which are marine zooplankton, exhibit tunable structural colors originating from a layered structure of guanine crystal plates. In the present study, the coloring portion of adult male of a sapphirinid copepod, Sapphirina nigromaculata, under the dorsal body surface was characterized to clarify the regulation and actuation mechanism of the layered guanine crystals for spectral control. The coloring portions are separated into small domains 70-100 µm wide consisting of an ordered array of stacked hexagonal plates ~1.5 µm wide and ~80 nm thick. We found the presence of chitin-based honeycomb frameworks that are composed of flat compartments regulating the guanine crystal plates. The structural color is deduced to be tuned from blue to achromatic via yellow and purple by changing the interplate distance according to vital observation and optical simulation using a photonic array model. The framework structures are essential for the organization and actuation of the particular photonic arrays for the exhibition of the tunable structural color.


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Kimura T,Takasaki M,Hatai R,Nagai Y,Uematsu K,Oaki Y,Osada M,Tsuda H,Ishigure T,Toyofuku T,Shimode S,Imai H




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    abstract::There has been a rapid increase in Danish pig herds testing positive for livestock-associated Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (LA-MRSA) since the first screening in 2008. Despite a national action plan to control LA-MRSA in the Danish pig population, 88% of pig herds tested positive in a 2016 cross-section...

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  • Isophorone derivatives as a new structural motif of aggregation pheromones in Curculionidae.

    abstract::The beetle Homalinotus depressus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) is a major pest of coconuts in the Northern region of Brazil, for which environmentally friendly methods of control are desired. Behavioral responses of H. depressus to airborne volatile extracts from conspecifics suggested the presence of a male-produced ag...

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  • DNA-damage and cell cycle arrest initiated anti-cancer potency of super tiny carbon dots on MCF7 cell line.

    abstract::While carbon-based materials have spearheaded numerous breakthroughs in biomedicine, they also have procreated many logical concerns on their overall toxicity. Carbon dots (CDs) as a respectively new member have been extensively explored in nucleus directed delivery and bioimaging due to their intrinsic fluorescence p...

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  • Observation of magnetic skyrmions in unpatterned symmetric multilayers at room temperature and zero magnetic field.

    abstract::Magnetic skyrmions are promising candidates for the next generation of spintronic devices due to their small size and topologically protected structure. One challenge for using these magnetic states in applications lies on controlling the nucleation process and stabilization that usually requires an external force. He...

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  • Patterns of cooperation during collective emergencies in the help-or-escape social dilemma.

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