A live auxotrophic vaccine confers mucosal immunity and protection against lethal pneumonia caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa.


:Pseudomonas aeruginosa is one of the leading causes of nosocomial pneumonia and its associated mortality. Moreover, extensively drug-resistant high-risk clones are globally widespread, presenting a major challenge to the healthcare systems. Despite this, no vaccine is available against this high-concerning pathogen. Here we tested immunogenicity and protective efficacy of an experimental live vaccine against P. aeruginosa pneumonia, consisting of an auxotrophic strain which lacks the key enzyme involved in D-glutamate biosynthesis, a structural component of the bacterial cell wall. As the amounts of free D-glutamate in vivo are trace substances in most cases, blockage of the cell wall synthesis occurs, compromising the growth of this strain, but not its immunogenic properties. Indeed, when delivered intranasally, this vaccine stimulated production of systemic and mucosal antibodies, induced effector memory, central memory and IL-17A-producing CD4+ T cells, and recruited neutrophils and mononuclear phagocytes into the airway mucosa. A significant improvement in mice survival after lung infection caused by ExoU-producing PAO1 and PA14 strains was observed. Nearly one third of the mice infected with the XDR high-risk clone ST235 were also protected. These findings highlight the potential of this vaccine for the control of acute pneumonia caused by this bacterial pathogen.


PLoS Pathog


PLoS pathogens


Cabral MP,Correia A,Vilanova M,Gärtner F,Moscoso M,García P,Vallejo JA,Pérez A,Francisco-Tomé M,Fuentes-Valverde V,Bou G




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