Dried blood microsamples: Suitable as an alternative matrix for the quantification of paracetamol-protein adducts?


:Paracetamol (acetaminophen, APAP) is the most frequently used analgesic drug worldwide. However, patients in several specific populations can have an increased exposure to toxic APAP metabolites. Therefore, APAP-protein adducts have been proposed as an alternative marker for the assessment of APAP intoxications and as an effective tool to study and steer APAP treatment in patients with an increased risk of APAP-induced liver damage. These adducts have been determined in plasma or serum as a matrix. Blood microsampling allows the determination of a variety of analytes, including protein adducts, in a drop of blood, facilitating convenient follow-up of patients in a home-sampling context, as well as repeated sampling of pediatric patients. We therefore evaluated the use of blood-based volumetric microsamples for the quantification of APAP-protein adducts. Quantitative methods for the determination of APAP-protein adducts in dried blood and dried plasma volumetric absorptive microsamples were developed and validated. Also a preliminary evaluation of pediatric patient dried blood microsamples was conducted. Method validation encompassed the evaluation of selectivity, carry over, calibration model, accuracy and precision, matrix effect, recovery and the effect of the hematocrit on the recovery, dilution integrity, and stability. All pre-set acceptance criteria were met, except for stability. Spiking of blank blood with APAP revealed a concentration-dependent ex vivo formation of APAP-protein adducts, resulting in a response for the measurand APAP-Cys, with an apparent role for the red blood cell fraction. Analysis of authentic samples, following intake of APAP at therapeutic dosing, revealed much higher APAP-Cys concentrations in dried blood vs. dried plasma samples, making interpretation of the results in the context of published intervals difficult. In addition, in contrast to what was observed during method validation, the data obtained for the patient samples showed a high and unacceptable variation. We conclude that, for a combination of reasons, dried blood is not a suitable matrix for the quantification of APAP-protein adducts via the measurement of the APAP-Cys digestion product. The collection of plasma or serum, either in the form of a liquid sample or a dried microsample for this purpose is advised.


Toxicol Lett


Toxicology letters


Delahaye L,Dhont E,De Cock P,De Paepe P,Stove CP




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