Capsids and Portals Influence Each Other's Conformation During Assembly and Maturation.


:The portal proteins of tailed bacteriophage and Herpesvirus capsids form dodecameric rings that occupy one capsid vertex and are incorporated during the assembly of capsid precursors called procapsids or proheads. Portals are essential and serve as the pore for DNA transit and the site of tail attachment; however, bacteriophage HK97 capsid proteins assemble efficiently without a portal when expressed from plasmids. Following portal co-expression, portals were incorporated into about half of the proheads that were made. In the absence of active capsid maturation protease, uncleaved proheads formed dimers, trimers, and tetramers of proheads during purification, but only if they had portals. These appeared bound to membrane-like fragments by their portals and could be disaggregated by detergents, supporting a role for membranes in their formation and in capsid assembly. The precursors to prohead oligomers were detected in cell extracts. These were able to bind to Octyl-Sepharose and could be released by detergent, while uncleaved proheads without portal or cleaved proheads with portal did not bind. Our results document a discrete change in the HK97 portal's hydrophobicity induced by cleavage of the procapsid shell in which it is embedded. Additionally, we detected an increase in the rate of expansion induced by the presence of a portal complex in cleaved HK97 proheads. These results suggest that portals and capsids influence each other's conformation during assembly. The formation of prohead oligomers also provides a rapid and sensitive assay for identification and analysis of portal incorporation mutants.


J Mol Biol


Maurer JB,Oh B,Moyer CL,Duda RL




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