Comparison of iRoot BP Plus and Calcium Hydroxide as Pulpotomy Materials in Permanent Incisors with Complicated Crown Fractures: A Retrospective Study.


INTRODUCTION:Calcium hydroxide has been used as a traditional pulpotomy agent for a long time but has some disadvantages. iRoot BP Plus (Innovative Bioceramix Inc, Vancouver, Canada) is a newly developed, ready-to-use calcium silicate-based bioactive ceramic with excellent bioactivity and sealing ability. However, whether iRoot BP Plus shows superiority over calcium hydroxide as a pulpotomy material on permanent incisors with complicated crown fractures remains unknown. METHODS:This research included 205 permanent incisors with complicated crown fractures. These teeth were treated with pulpotomy and divided into 2 groups according to the pulpotomy material (105 treated with iRoot BP Plus and 100 with calcium hydroxide). Clinical and radiographic information was collected during the 12- to 24-month follow-up period. The formation of reparative dentin bridges and pulp canal obliteration were analyzed using radiographs in both groups. RESULTS:The success rates for recall in the average follow-up period of 17.5 ± 4.4 months (12-24 months) after pulpotomy treatment were significantly different between the 2 groups, with 99% for the iRoot BP Plus group and 93% for the calcium hydroxide group. Reparative dentin bridges were observed in 92.4% of the iRoot BP Plus group and 90% of the calcium hydroxide group, but the difference was not significant. Pulp canal obliteration was observed in 2 teeth (2%) in each group. CONCLUSIONS:The success rates obtained in our study indicate that iRoot BP Plus as a pulpotomy agent can be a suitable alternative to calcium hydroxide to manage complicated crown fractures.


J Endod


Journal of endodontics


Rao Q,Kuang J,Mao C,Dai J,Hu L,Lei Z,Song G,Yuan G




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