Increased elastin mRNA levels associated with surgically induced intimal injury.


:Quantitative levels of mRNAs coding for elastin, types I and III procollagen and gamma-actin were measured in porcine vascular material following balloon catheterization. A balloon catheter was introduced into the thoracic aorta and jugular vein of 3-6 week old pigs; following distention and six days of postoperative recovery, tissue samples were obtained for histopathology, electron microscopy, RNA extraction and mRNA quantitation. Using a series of mammalian cDNA clones and the procedure of slot blot hybridization, we have shown that elastin and types I and III procollagen mRNA levels rose significantly during the postoperative period following vascular distention. The increase correlated with an increase in the cell mass present in both the venous and arterial intimal layers. Changes in gamma-actin mRNA levels were also associated with this rapid proliferative response but in arterial tissue only.


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Boyd CD,Kniep AC,Pierce RA,Deak SB,Karboski C,Miller DC,Parker MI,Mackenzie JW,Rosenbloom J,Scott GE




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    abstract::Although bone is a nanocomposite of mineral and collagen, mineral has been the more elusive component of study. A standard for bone mineral is clearly needed. We hypothesized that the most natural, least-processed bone mineral could be retrieved from the most highly mineralized bone. We therefore studied the rostrum o...

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    abstract::Depolymerization of Ch-4-S, Ch-6-S, HA and HP was observed by gel filtration after treatment with 2-10 N NaOH or Ba(OH)2 in the presence of NaBH4 at 80-83 degrees for 1-5 hr. Depolymerized products were isolated after these treatments. 4-Deoxy-alpha-L-threo-4-enohexopyranosyluronic acid residue as the nonreducing end ...

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    abstract::Heparin treated and aldehyde crosslinked rat aorta segments were implanted in infrarenal aorta of homologous rats. One year following aortic replacement, the subendothelial scar and the prosthetic remnants were excised. The scar and the host intima-media were incubated with 3H-valine for 4 h and extracted with 5 M gua...

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  • Ovalbumin is a component of the chicken eggshell matrix.

    abstract::The protein components of biomineralized structures (matrix proteins) are believed to modulate crystal nucleation and growth, and thereby influence the shape and strength of the final structure. The chicken eggshell contains a complex array of distinct matrix proteins. One of these was found to have similar molecular ...

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  • Expression of the elastin promoter in novel tissue sites in transgenic mouse embryos.

    abstract::We have previously shown in a transgenic mouse line, in which 5.2 kb of the elastin promoter was linked to the reporter enzyme chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (CAT), that the highest levels of expression were found in embryonic lungs and aorta, while lower levels were detected in other elastin-containing tissues. Fu...

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  • Alterations of elastin fibrogenesis by inhibition of the formation of desmosine crosslinks. Comparison between the effect of beta-aminopropionitrile (beta-APN) and penicillamine.

    abstract::Experimental lathyrism was induced by feeding newborn chicks a diet containing 0.2 and 0.4% DL-Penicillamine, with or without CuSO4 (10 mg/Kg diet) and Vitamin B6 (100 mg/Kg diet), or 0.015 and 0.1% beta-aminopropionitrile fumarate (beta-APN). After 7, 15, 25 and 55 days of treatment the animals were killed, the aorta...

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