Need Satisfaction as a Mediator of Associations between Interparental Relationship Dimensions and Autonomy Supportive Parenting: A Weekly Diary Study.


:Guided by the self-determination theory, this weekly diary study tested a process model in which week-to-week mother-reported interparental conflict and perceived partner responsiveness were associated with maternal autonomy support by means of maternal psychological need satisfaction. During six consecutive weeks, 258 mothers (Mage  = 41.71 years) and their 157 adolescents (51.4% females, Mage  = 14.92 years) from Turkey provided weekly reports of the study variables via an online survey. Multilevel analyses showed that maternal need satisfaction was predicted by lower levels of interparental conflict and greater levels of perceived partner responsiveness. Maternal need satisfaction, in turn, was positively associated with maternal and adolescent reports of maternal autonomy support. Further, these week-to-week associations were partly moderated by maternal perfectionism. The results underscore the dynamic nature of the intra-family relationships, the important role of particular conditions in which mothers may become more autonomy supportive, and the necessity to consider mother's personal characteristics while examining these dynamics. :Guided by the self-determination theory, this weekly diary study tested a process model in which week-to-week mother-reported interparental conflict and perceived partner responsiveness were associated with maternal autonomy-support by means of maternal psychological need satisfaction. During 6 consecutive weeks, 258 mothers (Mage = 41.71 years) and their 157 adolescents (51.4% females, Mage = 14.92 years) from Turkey provided weekly reports of the study variables via an online survey. Multilevel analyses showed that maternal need satisfaction was predicted by lower levels of interparental conflict and greater levels of perceived partner responsiveness. Maternal need satisfaction, in turn, was positively associated with maternal and adolescent reports of maternal autonomy-support. Further, these week-to-week associations were partly moderated by maternal perfectionism. The results underscore the dynamic nature of the intra-family relationships, the important role of particular conditions in which mothers may become more autonomy supportive, and the necessity to consider mother’s personal characteristics while examining these dynamics. :本研究是在自我决定理论指导下进行的连续数周的日记研究,针对一个过程模型展开了测试。在此模型中,由母亲每周报告一次父母之间的冲突和观察到的伴侣反应,通过母亲方面的心理需要满足将报告内容与母亲给予的自主支持联系在一起。本研究持续的6周中,有来自土耳其的258名母亲(M 年龄 = 41.71岁)和157名青少年(女性51.4%,M 年龄 = 14.92岁)通过完成在线调查提供周报,告知研究变量的周变化。多层次分析后的结果表明,如果父母之间的冲突水平较低,可觉察到的伴侣回应水平较高,则可以预测母亲方面的需求得到满足的水平。反过来,母亲方面的需求满意度与来自母亲方面告知的和青少年告知的关于自主支持情况的报告是呈正相关的。此外,这些周与周之间的相互关联性在一定程度上受到母亲方面完美主义的控制。本研究结果强调了家庭内部关系是处于不断动态变化中的这个性质,指出某些特定条件的重要性,因其可以促使母亲变得更加支持孩子自主;以及在研究这些关系的动态状况时把母亲的个性特征作为要素加以考虑的必要性。.


Fam Process


Family process


Koçak A,Mouratidis A,Uçanok Z,Selcuk E,Davies PT




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