Aberrant dendritic development in the human agyric cortex: a quantitative and qualitative Golgi study of two cases.


:A quantitative and qualitative Golgi comparison of the visual cortex from two agyric brains and of two age-matched controls is reported. In the camera lucida drawings, most pyramidal cells were oriented vertically to the pial surface in the external cellular layer, frequently with their apical dendrites directed toward the deep layers (inverted pyramidal neurons). The deep cellular layer contained pyramidal and polymorphic neurons normally found in the second to fourth cortical layers. In quantitative analysis of the agyric cortex of a ten-month-old patient, relative immaturity of basal dendritic arborization was apparent together with a bipolar configuration of dendritic development of the pyramidal neurons. The 3-year-old patient had a significant delay in apical dendritic arborization (shorter branch length, decreased number of dendritic intersections) compared with his age-matched normal control. The pathogenesis of the abnormal dendritic development in agyria is discussed.


Clin Neuropathol


Clinical neuropathology


Takada K,Becker LE,Chan F


Has Abstract


1988-05-01 00:00:00










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  • [Restoration of upper-limb function in patients with cervical spinal cord lesion].

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    abstract::This article reported 1 child patient with early-onset methylmalonic acidemia and proceeded gene detection for the child and his parents. The detecting results showed that there were respectively heterozygosis mutations of c.609G>A,p.(Trp203*) and c.567dupT,p.(Ile190Tyrfs*13) in the MMA CHC gene of child's parents, an...

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    abstract::A series of N-phenyl-2-aza-spiro[4.5]decane-1,3-diones [III-VIIII] structurally related to the previously described N-phenyl-3-arylpyrrolidine-2,5-dione (11) was synthesized and tested for their anticonvulsant activity in the maximum electroshock seizure (MES) and metrazole seizure threshold (sc. MET) tests. The most ...

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  • The effect of meteorological factors on airborne Betula pollen concentrations in Lublin (Poland).

    abstract::The present study investigated the pattern of the birch atmospheric pollen seasons in Lublin in the period 2001-2010. Pollen monitoring was conducted using a Lanzoni VPPS 2000 sampler. The atmospheric pollen seasons were determined with the 98% method. Regression analysis was used to determine correlations between met...


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  • Prophylaxis against infective endocarditis. A review of current international guidelines.

    abstract::The purpose of this review is to discuss current international guidelines on the prevention of infective endocarditis (IE). It has long been considered that all patients with heart conditions predisposing to IE should receive antibiotic prophylaxis when undergoing procedures leading to bacteremia with organisms known ...

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  • Spontaneous rupture of splenic hemangioma in puerperium.

    abstract::Atraumatic splenic rupture is a rare clinical entity and in the absence of trauma, the diagnosis and treatment are often delayed. In this article the authors discuss a case of a 45-year-old woman, gravida 5, para 4, with spontaneous splenic rupture on her second postpartum day. The rupture was related to a splenic hem...

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  • Identification of campylobacters from bovine and ovine faeces.

    abstract::Campylobacters isolated in Scotland and the north of England from bovine (497 isolates) and ovine (51 isolates) faeces were studied in order to determine which simple methods would be useful for identification of groups and species. By means of the catalase test, growth and microscopic characteristics, coccal transfor...

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