High Expression of CARM1 Inhibits Lung Cancer Progression by Targeting TP53 by Regulating CTNNB1.


OBJECTIVE:To explore the role of CARM1 in lung cancer (LC) and its relationship with TP53 and CTNNB1. METHODS:Lung cells H1299 and PC14 were randomly divided into six groups: ov-H1299, si-H1299, ov-PC14, si-PC14, Con-H1299, and Con-PC14. Transwell assay, plate clone formation assay, and flow cytometry were used to determine the migration, clone formation capacity, and apoptosis situation of LC cells in the six groups, respectively. Western blot assay was used to determine the protein expression of CARM1, TP53, and CTNNB1 in the six groups. CHIP assay was applied to analyze the combined characteristics of JUN and TP53 promoter. Co-immunoprecipitation was used to analyze the interaction between TP53 and CARM1/CTNNB1. Cox proportional hazard regression model was used to analyze the relevance between the expression of CARM1 and clinicopathological information of the patient. Kaplan-Meier plot was used to determine the relevance between CARM1 and patient survival. RESULTS:High expression of CARM1 inhibits the migration and proliferation of LC cells and promoted the apoptosis of LC cell. Overexpression of CARM1 promotes the expression of CARM1 and TP53, while decreases CTNNB1 expression. CARM1 supplementation of H1299 cells induced JUN aggregation on the TP53 promoter. TP53 and CARM1 protein/TP53 and CTNNB1 protein in H1299 cells were immunoprecipitated together. High expression of CARM1was negatively correlated with the degree of tumor metastasis. The survival period of patients with high expression CARM1 was greater than that of low expression. CONCLUSION:Overexpression of CARM1 may inhibit the progression of LC by targeting TP53 via regulation CTNNB1.






Hu B,Li X,Chen L,Liu Z




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