Quantification of DNA Double Strand Breaks and Oxidation Response in Children and Adults Undergoing Dental CBCT Scan.


:Assessing the possible biological effects of exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation (IR) is one of the prime challenges in radiation protection, especially in medical imaging. Today, radiobiological data on cone beam CT (CBCT) related biological effects are scarce. In children and adults, the induction of DNA double strand breaks (DSBs) in buccal mucosa cells and 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine (8-oxo-dG) and antioxidant capacity in saliva samples after CBCT examination were examined. No DNA DSBs induction was observed in children nor adults. In children only, an increase in 8-oxo-dG levels was observed 30 minutes after CBCT. At the same time an increase in antioxidant capacity was observed in children, whereas a decrease was observed in adults. Our data indicate that children and adults react differently to IR doses associated with CBCT. Fully understanding these differences could lead to an optimal use of CBCT in different age categories as well as improved radiation protection guidelines.


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Belmans N,Gilles L,Vermeesen R,Virag P,Hedesiu M,Salmon B,Baatout S,Lucas S,Lambrichts I,Jacobs R,Moreels M,DIMITRA Research Group.




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