MetAP-like Ebp1 occupies the human ribosomal tunnel exit and recruits flexible rRNA expansion segments.


:Human Ebp1 is a member of the proliferation-associated 2G4 (PA2G4) family and plays an important role in cancer regulation. Ebp1 shares the methionine aminopeptidase (MetAP) fold and binds to mature 80S ribosomes for translational control. Here, we present a cryo-EM single particle analysis reconstruction of Ebp1 bound to non-translating human 80S ribosomes at a resolution range from 3.3 to ~8 Å. Ebp1 blocks the tunnel exit with major interactions to the general uL23/uL29 docking site for nascent chain-associated factors complemented by eukaryote-specific eL19 and rRNA helix H59. H59 is defined as dynamic adaptor undergoing significant remodeling upon Ebp1 binding. Ebp1 recruits rRNA expansion segment ES27L to the tunnel exit via specific interactions with rRNA consensus sequences. The Ebp1-ribosome complex serves as a template for MetAP binding and provides insights into the structural principles for spatial coordination of co-translational events and molecular triage at the ribosomal tunnel exit.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Wild K,Aleksić M,Lapouge K,Juaire KD,Flemming D,Pfeffer S,Sinning I




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  • Enriched conditioning expands the regenerative ability of sensory neurons after spinal cord injury via neuronal intrinsic redox signaling.

    abstract::Overcoming the restricted axonal regenerative ability that limits functional repair following a central nervous system injury remains a challenge. Here we report a regenerative paradigm that we call enriched conditioning, which combines environmental enrichment (EE) followed by a conditioning sciatic nerve axotomy tha...

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  • CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing induces megabase-scale chromosomal truncations.

    abstract::CRISPR-Cas9 is a promising technology for genome editing. Here we use Cas9 nuclease-induced double-strand break DNA (DSB) at the UROS locus to model and correct congenital erythropoietic porphyria. We demonstrate that homology-directed repair is rare compared with NHEJ pathway leading to on-target indels and causing u...

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