Ligand-promoted cobalt-catalyzed radical hydroamination of alkenes.


:Highly regio- and enantioselective intermolecular hydroamination of alkenes is a challenging process potentially leading to valuable chiral amines. Hydroamination of alkenes via metal-catalyzed hydrogen atom transfer (HAT) with good regioselectivity and functional group tolerance has been reported, however, high enantioselectivity has not been achieved due to the lack of suitable ligands. Here we report a ligand-promoted cobalt-catalyzed Markovnikov-type selective radical hydroamination of alkenes with diazo compounds. This operationally simple protocol uses unsymmetric NNN-tridentate (UNT) ligand, readily available alkenes and hydrosilanes to construct hydrazones with good functional group tolerance. The hydrazones can undergo nitrogen-nitrogen bond cleavage smoothly to deliver valuable amine derivatives. Additionally, asymmetric intermolecular hydroamination of unactivated aliphatic terminal alkenes using chiral N-imidazolinylphenyl 8-aminoquinoline (IPAQ) ligands has also been achieved to afford chiral amine derivatives with good enantioselectivities.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Shen X,Chen X,Chen J,Sun Y,Cheng Z,Lu Z




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2020-02-07 00:00:00












  • Tuning the activities of cuprous oxide nanostructures via the oxide-metal interaction.

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  • The Capsaspora genome reveals a complex unicellular prehistory of animals.

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  • Skin-touch-actuated textile-based triboelectric nanogenerator with black phosphorus for durable biomechanical energy harvesting.

    abstract::Textiles that are capable of harvesting biomechanical energy via triboelectric effects are of interest for self-powered wearable electronics. Fabrication of conformable and durable textiles with high triboelectric outputs remains challenging. Here we propose a washable skin-touch-actuated textile-based triboelectric n...

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  • DNA copy number changes define spatial patterns of heterogeneity in colorectal cancer.

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  • Lung-derived HMGB1 is detrimental for vascular remodeling of metabolically imbalanced arterial macrophages.

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  • Promotion of oxygen reduction by a bio-inspired tethered iron phthalocyanine carbon nanotube-based catalyst.

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  • Compound-specific radiocarbon dating and mitochondrial DNA analysis of the Pleistocene hominin from Salkhit Mongolia.

    abstract::A skullcap found in the Salkhit Valley in northeast Mongolia is, to our knowledge, the only Pleistocene hominin fossil found in the country. It was initially described as an individual with possible archaic affinities, but its ancestry has been debated since the discovery. Here, we determine the age of the Salkhit sku...

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  • Regulation of PCNA cycling on replicating DNA by RFC and RFC-like complexes.

    abstract::Replication-Factor-C (RFC) and RFC-like complexes (RLCs) mediate chromatin engagement of the proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA). It remains controversial how RFC and RLCs cooperate to regulate PCNA loading and unloading. Here, we show the distinct PCNA loading or unloading activity of each clamp loader. ATAD5-R...

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  • Author Correction: Fermiology and electron dynamics of trilayer nickelate La4Ni3O10.

    abstract::The original version of this Article contained errors in Fig. 2, Fig. 3a-c and Supplementary Fig. 2. In Fig. 2g and Supplementary Fig. 2, the band structure plot calculated from density function theory (DFT) had a missing band of mainly z2 character that starts at about - 0.25 eV at the Y point and disperses downwards...

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    authors: Li H,Zhou X,Nummy T,Zhang J,Pardo V,Pickett WE,Mitchell JF,Dessau DS

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  • Excess forest mortality is consistently linked to drought across Europe.

    abstract::Pulses of tree mortality caused by drought have been reported recently in forests around the globe, but large-scale quantitative evidence is lacking for Europe. Analyzing high-resolution annual satellite-based canopy mortality maps from 1987 to 2016 we here show that excess forest mortality (i.e., canopy mortality exc...

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  • Thermal control of sequential on-surface transformation of a hydrocarbon molecule on a copper surface.

    abstract::On-surface chemical reactions hold the potential for manufacturing nanoscale structures directly onto surfaces by linking carbon atoms in a single-step reaction. To fabricate more complex and functionalized structures, the control of the on-surface chemical reactions must be developed significantly. Here, we present a...

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  • Autonomous discovery of optically active chiral inorganic perovskite nanocrystals through an intelligent cloud lab.

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  • High performance tandem organic solar cells via a strongly infrared-absorbing narrow bandgap acceptor.

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  • Site-specific electrodeposition enables self-terminating growth of atomically dispersed metal catalysts.

    abstract::The growth of atomically dispersed metal catalysts (ADMCs) remains a great challenge owing to the thermodynamically driven atom aggregation. Here we report a surface-limited electrodeposition technique that uses site-specific substrates for the rapid and room-temperature synthesis of ADMCs. We obtained ADMCs by the un...

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  • Muscleblind acts as a modifier of FUS toxicity by modulating stress granule dynamics and SMN localization.

    abstract::Mutations in fused in sarcoma (FUS) lead to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) with varying ages of onset, progression and severity. This suggests that unknown genetic factors contribute to disease pathogenesis. Here we show the identification of muscleblind as a novel modifier of FUS-mediated neurodegeneration in vi...

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  • Materials genomics methods for high-throughput construction of COFs and targeted synthesis.

    abstract::Materials genomics represents a research mode for materials development, for which reliable methods for efficient materials construction are essential. Here we present a methodology for high-throughput construction of covalent organic frameworks (COFs) based on materials genomics strategy, in which a gene partition me...

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  • Single cell analysis of human foetal liver captures the transcriptional profile of hepatobiliary hybrid progenitors.

    abstract::The liver parenchyma is composed of hepatocytes and bile duct epithelial cells (BECs). Controversy exists regarding the cellular origin of human liver parenchymal tissue generation during embryonic development, homeostasis or repair. Here we report the existence of a hepatobiliary hybrid progenitor (HHyP) population i...

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    authors: Segal JM,Kent D,Wesche DJ,Ng SS,Serra M,Oulès B,Kar G,Emerton G,Blackford SJI,Darmanis S,Miquel R,Luong TV,Yamamoto R,Bonham A,Jassem W,Heaton N,Vigilante A,King A,Sancho R,Teichmann S,Quake SR,Nakauchi H,Rash

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  • Interactions between Twist and other core epithelial-mesenchymal transition factors are controlled by GSK3-mediated phosphorylation.

    abstract::A subset of transcription factors classified as neural crest 'specifiers' are also core epithelial-mesenchymal transition regulatory factors, both in the neural crest and in tumour progression. The bHLH factor Twist is among the least well studied of these factors. Here we demonstrate that Twist is required for crania...

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  • Inflammation-induced proteolytic processing of the SIRPα cytoplasmic ITIM in neutrophils propagates a proinflammatory state.

    abstract::Signal regulatory protein α (SIRPα), an immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibitory motif (ITIM)-containing receptor, is an essential negative regulator of leukocyte inflammatory responses. Here we report that SIRPα cytoplasmic signalling ITIMs in neutrophils are cleaved during active inflammation and that the loss of SI...

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  • Fast ultrahigh-density writing of low-conductivity patterns on semiconducting polymers.

    abstract::The exceptional interest in improving the limitations of data storage, molecular electronics and optoelectronics has promoted the development of an ever increasing number of techniques used to pattern polymers at micro and nanoscale. Most of them rely on atomic force microscopy to thermally or electrostatically induce...

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  • Host STING-dependent MDSC mobilization drives extrinsic radiation resistance.

    abstract::Radiotherapy induces and promotes innate and adaptive immunity in which host STING plays an important role. However, radioresistance in irradiated tumors can also develop, resulting in relapse. Here we report a mechanism by which extrinsic resistance develops after local ablative radiation that relies on the immunosup...

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