Cytomembrane nanovaccines show therapeutic effects by mimicking tumor cells and antigen presenting cells.


:Most cancer vaccines are unsuccessful in eliciting clinically relevant effects. Without using exogenous antigens and adoptive cells, we show a concept of utilizing biologically reprogrammed cytomembranes of the fused cells (FCs) derived from dendritic cells (DCs) and cancer cells as tumor vaccines. The fusion of immunologically interrelated two types of cells results in strong expression of the whole tumor antigen complexes and the immunological co-stimulatory molecules on cytomembranes (FMs), allowing the nanoparticle-supported FM (NP@FM) to function like antigen presenting cells (APCs) for T cell immunoactivation. Moreover, tumor-antigen bearing NP@FM can be bio-recognized by DCs to induce DC-mediated T cell immunoactivation. The combination of these two immunoactivation pathways offers powerful antitumor immunoresponse. Through mimicking both APCs and cancer cells, this cytomembrane vaccine strategy can develop various vaccines toward multiple tumor types and provide chances for accommodating diverse functions originating from the supporters.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Liu WL,Zou MZ,Liu T,Zeng JY,Li X,Yu WY,Li CX,Ye JJ,Song W,Feng J,Zhang XZ




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  • Terminal uranium(V)-nitride hydrogenations involving direct addition or Frustrated Lewis Pair mechanisms.

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  • Publisher Correction: Hypermethylation of gene body CpG islands predicts high dosage of functional oncogenes in liver cancer.

    abstract::In the original version of this Article, the sixth sentence of the abstract incorrectly read 'Most of the genes upregulated and with hypermethylated CGIs in the Alb-R26Met HCC model undergo the same change.', and should have read 'Most of the genes upregulated and with hypermethylated CGIs in the Alb-R26Met HCC model ...

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  • The genetic architecture of floral traits in the woody plant Prunus mume.

    abstract::Mei (Prunus mume) is an ornamental woody plant that has been domesticated in East Asia for thousands of years. High diversity in floral traits, along with its recent genome sequence, makes mei an ideal model system for studying the evolution of woody plants. Here, we investigate the genetic architecture of floral trai...

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    更新日期:2018-04-27 00:00:00

  • Non-additivity of molecule-surface van der Waals potentials from force measurements.

    abstract::Van der Waals (vdW) forces act ubiquitously in condensed matter. Despite being weak on an atomic level, they substantially influence molecular and biological systems due to their long range and system-size scaling. The difficulty to isolate and measure vdW forces on a single-molecule level causes our present understan...

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  • Endocycle-related tubular cell hypertrophy and progenitor proliferation recover renal function after acute kidney injury.

    abstract::Acute kidney injury (AKI) is considered largely reversible based on the capacity of surviving tubular cells to dedifferentiate and replace lost cells via cell division. Here we show by tracking individual tubular cells in conditional Pax8/Confetti mice that kidney function is  recovered after AKI despite substantial t...

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    authors: Lazzeri E,Angelotti ML,Peired A,Conte C,Marschner JA,Maggi L,Mazzinghi B,Lombardi D,Melica ME,Nardi S,Ronconi E,Sisti A,Antonelli G,Becherucci F,De Chiara L,Guevara RR,Burger A,Schaefer B,Annunziato F,Anders HJ,La

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  • Artemisinin kills malaria parasites by damaging proteins and inhibiting the proteasome.

    abstract::Artemisinin and its derivatives (collectively referred to as ARTs) rapidly reduce the parasite burden in Plasmodium falciparum infections, and antimalarial control is highly dependent on ART combination therapies (ACTs). Decreased sensitivity to ARTs is emerging, making it critically important to understand the mechan...

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