Multifunctional and biodegradable self-propelled protein motors.


:A diversity of self-propelled chemical motors, based on Marangoni propulsive forces, has been developed in recent years. However, most motors are non-functional due to poor performance, a lack of control, and the use of toxic materials. To overcome these limitations, we have developed multifunctional and biodegradable self-propelled motors from squid-derived proteins and an anesthetic metabolite. The protein motors surpass previous reports in performance output and efficiency by several orders of magnitude, and they offer control of their propulsion modes, speed, mobility lifetime, and directionality by regulating the protein nanostructure via local and external stimuli, resulting in programmable and complex locomotion. We demonstrate diverse functionalities of these motors in environmental remediation, microrobot powering, and cargo delivery applications. These versatile and degradable protein motors enable design, control, and actuation strategies in microrobotics as modular propulsion sources for autonomous minimally invasive medical operations in biological environments with air-liquid interfaces.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Pena-Francesch A,Giltinan J,Sitti M




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2019-07-18 00:00:00












  • Neural dynamics of the attentional blink revealed by encoding orientation selectivity during rapid visual presentation.

    abstract::The human brain is inherently limited in the information it can make consciously accessible. When people monitor a rapid stream of visual items for two targets, they typically fail to see the second target if it occurs within 200-500 ms of the first, a phenomenon called the attentional blink (AB). The neural basis for...

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  • Genetic targeting of sprouting angiogenesis using Apln-CreER.

    abstract::Under pathophysiological conditions in adults, endothelial cells (ECs) sprout from pre-existing blood vessels to form new ones by a process termed angiogenesis. During embryonic development, Apelin (APLN) is robustly expressed in vascular ECs. In adult mice, however, APLN expression in the vasculature is significantly...

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  • Voltage tunability of single-spin states in a quantum dot.

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  • Fossil black smoker yields oxygen isotopic composition of Neoproterozoic seawater.

    abstract::The evolution of the seawater oxygen isotopic composition (δ18O) through geological time remains controversial. Yet, the past δ18Oseawater is key to assess past seawater temperatures, providing insights into past climate change and life evolution. Here we provide a new and unprecedentedly precise δ18O value of -1.33 ±...

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  • Virus-borne mini-CRISPR arrays are involved in interviral conflicts.

    abstract::CRISPR-Cas immunity is at the forefront of antivirus defense in bacteria and archaea and specifically targets viruses carrying protospacers matching the spacers catalogued in the CRISPR arrays. Here, we perform deep sequencing of the CRISPRome-all spacers contained in a microbiome-associated with hyperthermophilic arc...

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  • Quantum-circuit refrigerator.

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  • Non-enzymatic pyridine ring formation in the biosynthesis of the rubrolone tropolone alkaloids.

    abstract::The pyridine ring is a potent pharmacophore in alkaloid natural products. Nonetheless, its biosynthetic pathways are poorly understood. Rubrolones A and B are tropolone alkaloid natural products possessing a unique tetra-substituted pyridine moiety. Here, we report the gene cluster and propose a biosynthetic pathway f...

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  • Mice lacking the mitochondrial exonuclease MGME1 accumulate mtDNA deletions without developing progeria.

    abstract::Replication of mammalian mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is an essential process that requires high fidelity and control at multiple levels to ensure proper mitochondrial function. Mutations in the mitochondrial genome maintenance exonuclease 1 (MGME1) gene were recently reported in mitochondrial disease patients. Here, to ...

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    authors: Matic S,Jiang M,Nicholls TJ,Uhler JP,Dirksen-Schwanenland C,Polosa PL,Simard ML,Li X,Atanassov I,Rackham O,Filipovska A,Stewart JB,Falkenberg M,Larsson NG,Milenkovic D

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  • Geochemistry of silicate-rich rocks can curtail spreading of carbon dioxide in subsurface aquifers.

    abstract::Pools of carbon dioxide are found in natural geological accumulations and in engineered storage in saline aquifers. It has been thought that once this CO2 dissolves in the formation water, making it denser, convection streams will transport it efficiently to depth, but this may not be so. Here, we assess theoretically...

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  • The immunoreceptor NKG2D promotes tumour growth in a model of hepatocellular carcinoma.

    abstract::Inflammation is recognized as one of the drivers of cancer. Yet, the individual immune components that possess pro- and anti-tumorigenic functions in individual cancers remain largely unknown. NKG2D is a potent activating immunoreceptor that has emerged as an important player in inflammatory disorders besides its well...

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  • Ultrahigh resolution and color gamut with scattering-reducing transmissive pixels.

    abstract::While plasmonic designs have dominated recent trends in structural color, schemes using localized surface plasmon resonances and surface plasmon polaritons that simultaneously achieve high color vibrancy at ultrahigh resolution have been elusive because of tradeoffs between size and performance. Herein we demonstrate ...

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  • Overcoming evanescent field decay using 3D-tapered nanocavities for on-chip targeted molecular analysis.

    abstract::Enhancement of optical emission on plasmonic nanostructures is intrinsically limited by the distance between the emitter and nanostructure surface, owing to a tightly-confined and exponentially-decaying electromagnetic field. This fundamental limitation prevents efficient application of plasmonic fluorescence enhancem...

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  • Nanoscale assembly processes revealed in the nacroprismatic transition zone of Pinna nobilis mollusc shells.

    abstract::Intricate biomineralization processes in molluscs engineer hierarchical structures with meso-, nano- and atomic architectures that give the final composite material exceptional mechanical strength and optical iridescence on the macroscale. This multiscale biological assembly inspires new synthetic routes to complex ma...

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  • Sequence-regulated vinyl copolymers by metal-catalysed step-growth radical polymerization.

    abstract::Proteins and nucleic acids are sequence-regulated macromolecules with various properties originating from their perfectly sequenced primary structures. However, the sequence regulation of synthetic polymers, particularly vinyl polymers, has not been achieved and is one of the ultimate goals in polymer chemistry. In th...

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  • Enhanced acoustic sensing through wave compression and pressure amplification in anisotropic metamaterials.

    abstract::Acoustic sensors play an important role in many areas, such as homeland security, navigation, communication, health care and industry. However, the fundamental pressure detection limit hinders the performance of current acoustic sensing technologies. Here, through analytical, numerical and experimental studies, we sho...

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  • Digenic inheritance of mutations in EPHA2 and SLC26A4 in Pendred syndrome.

    abstract::Enlarged vestibular aqueduct (EVA) is one of the most commonly identified inner ear malformations in hearing loss patients including Pendred syndrome. While biallelic mutations of the SLC26A4 gene, encoding pendrin, causes non-syndromic hearing loss with EVA or Pendred syndrome, a considerable number of patients appea...

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    authors: Li M,Nishio SY,Naruse C,Riddell M,Sapski S,Katsuno T,Hikita T,Mizapourshafiyi F,Smith FM,Cooper LT,Lee MG,Asano M,Boettger T,Krueger M,Wietelmann A,Graumann J,Day BW,Boyd AW,Offermanns S,Kitajiri SI,Usami SI,Nak

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  • Dual regulatory switch through interactions of Tcf7l2/Tcf4 with stage-specific partners propels oligodendroglial maturation.

    abstract::Constitutive activation of Wnt/β-catenin inhibits oligodendrocyte myelination. Tcf7l2/Tcf4, a β-catenin transcriptional partner, is required for oligodendrocyte differentiation. How Tcf7l2 modifies β-catenin signalling and controls myelination remains elusive. Here we define a stage-specific Tcf7l2-regulated transcrip...

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  • Rapid mechanochemical encapsulation of biocatalysts into robust metal-organic frameworks.

    abstract::Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) have recently garnered consideration as an attractive solid substrate because the highly tunable MOF framework can not only serve as an inert host but also enhance the selectivity, stability, and/or activity of the enzymes. Herein, we demonstrate the advantages of using a mechanochemica...

    journal_title:Nature communications

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    authors: Wei TH,Wu SH,Huang YD,Lo WS,Williams BP,Chen SY,Yang HC,Hsu YS,Lin ZY,Chen XH,Kuo PE,Chou LY,Tsung CK,Shieh FK

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  • The telomere binding protein Pot1 maintains haematopoietic stem cell activity with age.

    abstract::Repeated cell divisions and aging impair stem cell function. However, the mechanisms by which this occurs are not fully understood. Here we show that protection of telomeres 1A (Pot1a), a component of the Shelterin complex that protects telomeres, improves haematopoietic stem cell (HSC) activity during aging. Pot1a is...

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  • High performance tandem organic solar cells via a strongly infrared-absorbing narrow bandgap acceptor.

    abstract::Tandem organic solar cells are based on the device structure monolithically connecting two solar cells to broaden overall absorption spectrum and utilize the photon energy more efficiently. Herein, we demonstrate a simple strategy of inserting a double bond between the central core and end groups of the small molecule...

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  • Central circuit mechanisms of itch.

    abstract::Itch, in particular chronic forms, has been widely recognized as an important clinical problem, but much less is known about the mechanisms of itch in comparison with other sensory modalities such as pain. Recently, considerable progress has been made in dissecting the circuit mechanisms of itch at both the spinal and...

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  • Conformational gating of DNA conductance.

    abstract::DNA is a promising molecule for applications in molecular electronics because of its unique electronic and self-assembly properties. Here we report that the conductance of DNA duplexes increases by approximately one order of magnitude when its conformation is changed from the B-form to the A-form. This large conductan...

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  • A regulatory circuit of miR-125b/miR-20b and Wnt signalling controls glioblastoma phenotypes through FZD6-modulated pathways.

    abstract::Molecularly defined subclassification is associated with phenotypic malignancy of glioblastoma (GBM). However, current understanding of the molecular basis of subclass conversion that is often involved in GBM recurrence remain rudimentary at best. Here we report that canonical Wnt signalling that is active in proneura...

    journal_title:Nature communications

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    authors: Huang T,Alvarez AA,Pangeni RP,Horbinski CM,Lu S,Kim SH,James CD,J Raizer J,A Kessler J,Brenann CW,Sulman EP,Finocchiaro G,Tan M,Nishikawa R,Lu X,Nakano I,Hu B,Cheng SY

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  • Modeling medulloblastoma in vivo and with human cerebellar organoids.

    abstract::Medulloblastoma (MB) is the most common malignant brain tumor in children and among the subtypes, Group 3 MB has the worst outcome. Here, we perform an in vivo, patient-specific screen leading to the identification of Otx2 and c-MYC as strong Group 3 MB inducers. We validated our findings in human cerebellar organoids...

    journal_title:Nature communications

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    authors: Ballabio C,Anderle M,Gianesello M,Lago C,Miele E,Cardano M,Aiello G,Piazza S,Caron D,Gianno F,Ciolfi A,Pedace L,Mastronuzzi A,Tartaglia M,Locatelli F,Ferretti E,Giangaspero F,Tiberi L

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  • Accelerated sintering in phase-separating nanostructured alloys.

    abstract::Sintering of powders is a common means of producing bulk materials when melt casting is impossible or does not achieve a desired microstructure, and has long been pursued for nanocrystalline materials in particular. Acceleration of sintering is desirable to lower processing temperatures and times, and thus to limit un...

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    authors: Park M,Schuh CA

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  • The essential role of YAP O-GlcNAcylation in high-glucose-stimulated liver tumorigenesis.

    abstract::O-GlcNAcylation has been implicated in the tumorigenesis of various tissue origins, but its function in liver tumorigenesis is not clear. Here, we demonstrate that O-GlcNAcylation can enhance the expression, stability and function of Yes-associated protein (YAP), the downstream transcriptional regulator of the Hippo p...

    journal_title:Nature communications

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Zhang X,Qiao Y,Wu Q,Chen Y,Zou S,Liu X,Zhu G,Zhao Y,Chen Y,Yu Y,Pan Q,Wang J,Sun F

    更新日期:2017-05-05 00:00:00

  • Chaperone-mediated ordered assembly of the SAGA and NuA4 transcription co-activator complexes in yeast.

    abstract::Transcription initiation involves the coordinated activities of large multimeric complexes, but little is known about their biogenesis. Here we report several principles underlying the assembly and topological organization of the highly conserved SAGA and NuA4 co-activator complexes, which share the Tra1 subunit. We s...

    journal_title:Nature communications

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Elías-Villalobos A,Toullec D,Faux C,Séveno M,Helmlinger D

    更新日期:2019-11-20 00:00:00

  • LNK suppresses interferon signaling in melanoma.

    abstract::LNK (SH2B3) is a key negative regulator of JAK-STAT signaling which has been extensively studied in malignant hematopoietic diseases. We found that LNK is significantly elevated in cutaneous melanoma; this elevation is correlated with hyperactive signaling of the RAS-RAF-MEK pathway. Elevated LNK enhances cell growth ...

    journal_title:Nature communications

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Ding LW,Sun QY,Edwards JJ,Fernández LT,Ran XB,Zhou SQ,Scolyer RA,Wilmott JS,Thompson JF,Doan N,Said JW,Venkatachalam N,Xiao JF,Loh XY,Pein M,Xu L,Mullins DW,Yang H,Lin DC,Koeffler HP

    更新日期:2019-05-20 00:00:00

  • Export of piRNA precursors by EJC triggers assembly of cytoplasmic Yb-body in Drosophila.

    abstract::PIWI-interacting RNAs (piRNAs) are effectors of transposable element (TE) silencing in the reproductive apparatus. In Drosophila ovarian somatic cells, piRNAs arise from longer single-stranded RNA precursors that are processed in the cytoplasm presumably within the Yb-bodies. piRNA precursors encoded by the flamenco (...

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    authors: Dennis C,Brasset E,Sarkar A,Vaury C

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  • Modular quantum computation in a trapped ion system.

    abstract::Modern computation relies crucially on modular architectures, breaking a complex algorithm into self-contained subroutines. A client can then call upon a remote server to implement parts of the computation independently via an application programming interface (API). Present APIs relay only classical information. Here...

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