Metabolite profiling of guanfacine in plasma and urine of healthy Japanese subjects after oral administration of guanfacine extended-release tablets.


:Guanfacine is used for the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS), metabolite profiling of guanfacine was performed in plasma and urine collected from healthy Japanese adults following repeated oral administration of guanfacine extended-release formulation. Unchanged guanfacine was the most abundant component in both plasma and urine (from the MS signal intensity). In plasma, the M3 metabolite (a sulfate of hydroxy-guanfacine) was the prominent metabolite; the M2 metabolite (a glucuronide of a metabolite formed by monooxidation of guanfacine), 3-hydroxyguanfacine and several types of glucuronide at different positions on guanfacine were also detected. In urine, the M2 metabolite and 3-hydroxyguanfacine were the principal metabolites. From metabolite analysis, the proposed main metabolic pathway of guanfacine is monooxidation on the dichlorobenzyl moiety, followed by glucuronidation or sulfation. A minor pathway is glucuronidation at different positions on guanfacine. As the prominent metabolites in plasma were glucuronide and sulfate of hydroxyguanfacine, which have no associated toxicity concerns, further toxicity studies of the metabolites, for example in animals, were not deemed necessary.


Biopharm Drug Dispos


Inoue Y,Morita H,Nozawa K,Kanazu T




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  • Bioequivalence of pyrantel pamoate dosage forms in healthy human subjects.

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