Classical Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr) Symbionts, Sinorhizobium fredii USDA191 and Bradyrhizobium diazoefficiens USDA110, Reveal Contrasting Symbiotic Phenotype on Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp).


:Pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millspaugh) is cultivated widely in semiarid agricultural regions in over 90 countries around the world. This important legume can enter into symbiotic associations with a wide range of rhizobia including Bradyrhizobium and fast-growing rhizobia. In comparison with other major legumes such as soybean and common bean, only limited information is available on the symbiotic interaction of pigeon pea with rhizobia. In this study, we investigated the ability of two classical soybean symbionts-S. fredii USDA191 and B. diazoefficiens USDA110-and their type 3 secretion system (T3SS) mutants, to nodulate pigeon pea. Both S. fredii USDA191 and a T3SS mutant S. fredii RCB26 formed nitrogen-fixing nodules on pigeon pea. Inoculation of pigeon pea roots with B. diazoefficiens USDA110 and B. diazoefficiens Δ136 (a T3SS mutant) resulted in the formation of Fix- and Fix+ nodules, respectively. Light and transmission electron microscopy of Fix- nodules initiated by B. diazoefficiens USDA110 revealed the complete absence of rhizobia within these nodules. In contrast, Fix+ nodules formed by B. diazoefficiens Δ136 revealed a central region that was completely filled with rhizobia. Ultrastructural investigation revealed the presence of numerous bacteroids surrounded by peribacteroid membranes in the infected cells. Analysis of nodule proteins by one- and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis revealed that leghemoglobin was absent in B. diazoefficiens USDA110 nodules, while it was abundantly present in B. diazoefficiens Δ136 nodules. Results of competitive nodulation assays indicated that B. diazoefficiens Δ136 had greater competitiveness for nodulation on pigeon pea than did the wild type strain. Our results suggest that this T3SS mutant of B. diazoefficiens, due to its greater competitiveness and ability to form Fix+ nodules, could be exploited as a potential inoculant to boost pigeon pea productivity.


Int J Mol Sci


Alaswad AA,Oehrle NW,Krishnan HB




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2019-03-03 00:00:00










  • Molecular Insight into the Anti-Inflammatory Effects of the Curcumin Ester Prodrug Curcumin Diglutaric Acid In Vitro and In Vivo.

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  • Is the secret of VDAC Isoforms in their gene regulation? Characterization of human VDAC genes expression profile, promoter activity, and transcriptional regulators.

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  • Caspase-8: A Novel Target to Overcome Resistance to Chemotherapy in Glioblastoma.

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  • Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: What is Their Role in Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders?

    abstract::In the central nervous system omega-3 fatty acids modulate cell signaling and affect dopaminergic and serotonergic pathways. On this basis, a new application for omega-3 fatty acids has been proposed, concerning the treatment of several psychiatric disorders. The present article is an update of a previous systematic r...

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  • Antioxidative properties of crude polysaccharides from Inonotus obliquus.

    abstract::The mushroom Inonotus obliquus has been widely used as a folk medicine in Russia, Poland and most of the Baltic countries. In this study, water-soluble and alkali-soluble crude polysaccharides (IOW and IOA) were isolated from I. obliquus, and the carbohydrate-rich fractions IOW-1 and IOA-1 were obtained respectively a...

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  • Citrate-Induced p85α⁻PTEN Complex Formation Causes G2/M Phase Arrest in Human Pharyngeal Squamous Carcinoma Cell Lines.

    abstract::Citrate is a key intermediate of the tricarboxylic acid cycle and acts as an allosteric signal to regulate the production of cellular ATP. An elevated cytosolic citrate concentration inhibits growth in several types of human cancer cells; however, the underlying mechanism by which citrate induces the growth arrest of ...

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  • 3D Bone Morphology Alters Gene Expression, Motility, and Drug Responses in Bone Metastatic Tumor Cells.

    abstract::Patients with advanced skeletal metastases arising from primary cancers including breast, lung, and prostate suffer from extreme pain, bone loss, and frequent fractures. While the importance of interactions between bone and tumors is well-established, our understanding of complex cell-cell and cell-microenvironment in...

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  • Loss of Response Gene to Complement 32 (RGC-32) in Diabetic Mouse Retina Is Involved in Retinopathy Development.

    abstract::Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is a severe and recurrent microvascular complication in diabetes. The multifunctional response gene to complement 32 (RGC-32) is involved in the regulation of cell cycle, proliferation, and apoptosis. To investigate the role of RGC-32 in the development of DR, we used human retinal microvascu...

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